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Ask GMBN: What is Your Dream Mountain Bike?

– Welcome to this week’s Ask GMBN, where you guys send all your questions you want answering from us dudes, here at GMBN. – Yeah, can’t wait to get into some mountain biking test questions, challenges. What have we got this week, Blake? – Well, we got one from Kevin, and he’s asking, where is […]

The World’s Biggest Climb? | GCN Vs Alto de Letras

[music] Speaker: There’s no rest for the wicked. Oh, my day. Riding my bike in Colombia has been a dream for a long, long time and recently, I was lucky enough to finally make that trip for two weeks of filming for GCN. Seeing as I was in the neighborhood with a day to spare, […]

Wellspring Peloton Challenge Training Vlog for 28 May 2018

Hey everyone, Dr. Clifford here with a quick peloton training update. I just got back from 133 km ride just now. It is 31 degrees outside and I am really tired. Even the bottoms of my feet hurt, and what’s really special today is if I take too deep a breath, I cough. The reason […]

In-Home Cardio Workouts : How to Do Mountain Climber Exercises

Hi, I’m Kyle Brayer, your next in home cardio exercise will be mountain climbers. Mountain climbers is a great exercise for your legs as well as for your heart, it also works your shoulders and your chest. So you’re going to actually start in a peaked push up position which means that your hands are […]

How To Complete A Century | Top Training Tips For A 100 Mile Bike Ride

(upbeat music) – Completing a century bike ride is pretty much a milestone in cycling. Even if it’s your first of the year, or it’s your first ever. It can be really daunting, after all, it’s 100 miles, it’s a long way. – It’s a really long way. But in this video, we’re going to […]

Si’s 3T Exploro For The Scotland North Coast 500 Bikepacking Ride

– This is the 3T Exploro, in full bikepacking regalia, now I’ve just been using it to ride around at the North Coast 500 in Scotland in just three days. There is a full video about that adventure over on the GCN channel now, but in this video I’m gonna talk through the bike, and […]

James Hayden’s Transcontinental Fairlight Strael Bikepacking Setup

(electronic tones) – So we’re here with James Hayden, who’s the winner of last year’s edition of the Transcontinental Race, and we’re gonna take a little bit of a closer look at his bike packing setup for the race. Thanks for coming on, James. Can you just talk us through, to start with, the frame, […]

What Can Mountain Bikers Learn From Cyclocross? | CX Skills With GMBN

– Here in Europe, it’s cyclocross season and I’ve been watching tons of amazing racing over on our GCN Racing channel. I really love how the cyclocross racers just get stuck in, even in the most extreme weather conditions. And this exciting discipline is offering you the chance to accelerate your progression as a mountain […]