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Review: Stromer ST1 Electric Bike

hi Brett Thurber here from The New Wheel electric bikes in San Francisco today I’m with the streamer st1 electric bike. This is a bike that I’ve been riding for the last six months or so from my shop here in Bernal to Sausalito and and so I wanna talk a little bit about my […]

How To Make Your Own Cycle Rollers For Under $32 Or £20!

– [James] Yes! Victory is ours, Tom! The greatest rollers ever created! ♪ [music] ♪ – [Tom] Rollers are great for training but they can cost quite a lot, £100 or $160. So, here’s how to make a set of rollers for just £20 or $32. Behind me is GCN’s head of engineering, James. He’s […]

Forces – The Science Behind the Bike (4/4)

When a cyclist rides a bike around a track or along a road the rider applies forces that propel the bike forwards. There are other forces acting on the bike that tend to slow it down. Identifying these forces and understanding their effect enables bike designers, sports scientists and elite athletes to work to minimise […]

Zwift Group Workout: HIIT Intervals | Train With GCN

– Welcome to the GCN Zwift Group Workout, Race-Winning HIIT Interval Session. I’m gonna be completing this on an Elite Drivo smart trainer. It’s about an hour long. Starts off with a 10-minute warm-up. And in a few moment’s time, I’ll talk you through exactly what is gonna lie ahead. And all this is gonna […]


Hi I will present the LYNX from the All Terrain category to you today. We developed the Lynx for the use on and beside the bike. With its Uni-sex design and sizes from 36 to 48 the shoe is designed for women and men and comes in grey’n’cherry tomato and black The special highlight of […]


Hi ich werde euch heute den LYNX aus der All Terrain Kategorie vorstellen. Den Lynx haben wir für den Einsatz auf und neben dem Bike entwickelt Mit seinem Uni-sex Design und der Größen von 36 bis 48 ist der Schuh für Frauen und Männer gestaltet worden und kommt in den Farbvarianten grey’n’cherry tomato und schwarz. […]