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Bird Electric Scooter – My First Ride Ever

so I’ve seen these scooter things before around in DC and I’ve never actually tried one myself they seem kind of cool so I’m gonna give it a shot today I tried to use it but then it told me I had to scan my driver’s license so let me do that it’s my high-end […]

How to turn on cruise control mode in Whizzy Ride electric bike

hello resume writers in this video I will show you how to switch on cruise control on your own easier ride bike cruise control option helps you to focus on your right and also it saves battery life first of all you need to switch on your bike activate it and now when you ride […]

How to connect your phone with Whizzy Ride E -bike via Bluetooth

hello my favorite Luigi riders today I will show you how to connect your smartphone with your favorite with ride bikes first please make sure that your Bluetooth is on many smartphones got the option visibility or make some visibility very something similar yes please do that after switch on your bike welcome when we […]

Best Electric Boards & Bike Under $1,000

– Check out some of these boards we have here. They’re all electric, they all go nice and fast, and we did a video comparing a bunch of electric vehicles and boards a while back but we’re going to do a part two where everything’s under a thousand bucks. We have a couple boards, we […]

How to charge and take care of battery in your electric bike

hello Easyriders today I will tell you a little bit about your batteries and the Chargers of your with your ride bikes every single model of your with your right r1 r1 s or R 1 s plus got 2 options to be charged first through the charging core which is located in every single […]

How to use remote control in Whizzy Ride electric bike

hello Easyriders today I will tell you a little bit more about keys the remote controls of your wizard ride bikes every witty ride bike model R 1 R 1 s and R 1 s plus has a two keys in every single set every single model R 1 R 1 s and R 1 […]