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KTM FREERIDE E-XC (2018) – Pour ou Contre ?

Hey It’s late Spring and I don’t have much light left to finish this video, so I’ll hurry up. As promised I’ll speak about pros and cons. I’ll try to separate whether it’s specific to the bike being electric or not. The first thing that bother me. Now that the bike as 600km. In 5 […]

This Electric Motorcycle Will Kill You

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about electric motorcycles and they’re not just some concept these things have been around for 10 years, now granted it’s not a new idea but it didn’t go like this thing does, we’re talking high-tech speed machine and as you can see everything here of course is […]

DIY electric Yamaha YZ250! Wild electric power!

We hear more and more often that electric transport is the future and the gasoline engines are out of pace now. To tell the truth I haven’t taken serious such statements. But today we’ll review the electric bike, that made me change my opinion. Why? Stay tuned it is going to be interesting. Hi guys […]

Slogdesign FEDDZ electric bike 2018 Review

the most authentic and contemporary electric bike with a speed of 45 km/h with a range of 60 kilometers, you can relax and travel through the city on your daily adventures. slogdesign developed an open framework, which integrates the interchangeable battery in a form-fit way, and with a low centre of gravity. the battery is […]