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DIY electric Yamaha YZ250! Wild electric power!

We hear more and more often that electric transport is the future and the gasoline engines are out of pace now. To tell the truth I haven’t taken serious such statements. But today we’ll review the electric bike, that made me change my opinion. Why? Stay tuned it is going to be interesting. Hi guys […]

Slogdesign FEDDZ electric bike 2018 Review

the most authentic and contemporary electric bike with a speed of 45 km/h with a range of 60 kilometers, you can relax and travel through the city on your daily adventures. slogdesign developed an open framework, which integrates the interchangeable battery in a form-fit way, and with a low centre of gravity. the battery is […]

All the details: Stromer ST2 S Electric Bike Video Review

Hey folks!! This is Peter, from bikes and life. Now i’m here with a stromer ST 2S. This bike just won the Edison Award for design and technology and we’re here to show you a little bit more of the details that make up the ST2 S. Starting from the front, this headlight is actually […]

Electric Motorcycle vs Petrol Motorcycle | Revolt RV400 – हिंदी

Hi, I’m Raphae from PluginIndia Hi, I’m Atul from PluginIndia. And this is an electric motorcycle This is a petrol motorcycle. Today we will tell you differences between these two motorcycles. First Electric Motorcycles don’t have clutch And we cannot imagine a petrol motorcycle without Clutch! This is totally automatic. There are no gears. You […]

Test Riding the Harley Davidson LiveWire – Electric motorcycle prototype

Le 27 juin, j’ai eu l’opportunité d’essayer une moto très spéciale… La Harley-Davidson LiveWire, un prototype de moto électrique Elle est magnifique, n’est-ce pas ? Même si c’est un prototype, elle a l’air très bien finie Un seul disque de frein à l’avant, pas d’ABS J’adore ces rétroviseurs avec clignotants intégrés Il n’y a pas […]

The Shocking Truth About Electric Motorcycles – /RideApart

[MUSIC PLAYING] WES SILER: We’re here at Glendora Ridge Road riding the fully electric 2012 Zero DS. It’s got the larger nine kilowatt-hour battery pack, which is supposedly good for 112 miles. Welcome to RideApart. [MUSIC PLAYING] WES SILER: So this new 2012 model Zero DS is special because it has an all-new battery pack […]

Emflux One : India’s first electric superbike : PowerDrift

In order to travel through time you need a device known as a flux capacitor… Or that’s what the Mad professor from Back To The Future would like you to believe! But then, that stuff movies are made of… …today, I have a device that will actually take us into the future With the name […]