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Are you coming? He’s speaking on the phone again David is already here, the boys have prepared the electric motorcycles already So let’s go ride! But first…moto boots, pads, helmets It’s so cold, around 0*C Yoo Yo! Are we going to ride today and vlog?! Allright, we’re going to ride and vlog! It’s going to […]

Secret Pro E Bike Skills | How To Ride Your EMTB Fast

– Now I’ve been a pro mountain biker for around 20 years. I’ve spent a few of them on e-bikes as well, so I’ve learn a few tips and tricks along the way. So today I’m going to show you a few secret e-MTB tricks to help you guys out on the trails. (uplifting music) […]

Trek Verve+

More power, more possibility. Electrify your everyday with Verve+.

VanMoof Bike Hunt Report – March

– [Narrator] This time Hidde and Indigo hunt a bike across multiple borders. While Ryan and Folkert follow a thief on a trail of offenses. – That mother f***** broke into my car. – [Narrator] This is your monthly Bike Hunt Report. Hidde and Indigo are on the hunt for a white Electrified S stolen […]

5 E Bike Skills To Practise Anywhere | EMTB Skills

– E-Mountainbiking requires some basic skills for when you hit the trails, but we’re not hitting the trail today, we’re hitting the streets. I’m going to show you five basic skills you can learn absolutely anywhere. (relaxed music) (digital tones ringing) So the manual is a key skill to learn on your E-Mountainbike. It’s a […]

The Dam – An Extreme E Bike Climbing Challenge | World’s Steepest Climb

– Here on EMBM, we’ve definitely been pushing the boundaries when it comes to climbing. Things kicked off when we hit the Slab in Bristol. (rock music) Then we headed to North Wales to attempt the Rock. That was a monumental climb. (rock music) We always say, “That’s it”, but we keep coming back for […]

How To Lube Your E Bike Chain | EMTB Maintenance

– The chain on your e-mountain bike is one of the most important components to look after. Even simple things such as lubing your chain you can make a few mistakes with. So in today’s video, we’re going in depth on everything there is to deal with your chain. (upbeat music) All right, so let’s […]

The Factors Affecting EMTB Range | How Far Can You Travel On An E Bike?

– Getting stuck in the mountains or the woods with an e-bike with no battery left is certainly not a very good look. So knowing your range, the amount you can travel on one charge is arguably, well probably, definitely one of the most important pieces of technical knowledge you can have for you and […]