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ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle 26″ 4.0 inch Fat Tire ebike

This Video Review Is Based On : Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability, familiarity and easy to operate. The ECOTRIC Fat Tire electric bike is strong and dynamic. It is designed for and therefore equipped to deal with any number of different terrains including beach cruising and excellent on dirt […]

Review: Riese & Muller Delite Full Suspension Electric Bike

So it’s mid-afternoon, and you’re sitting at your desk and you’re thinking about where else you might want to be. Maybe it’s on the beach or in the redwoods, or I don’t know. If it was me, I’d want to be eating an oyster in Marshall, which is where I grew up. The magic is […]

Grand battle: Motorized bicycle VS electric bike!

Hi guys as usually its me just an a voice over and you are watching review machines. The other day I was having a walk enjoying the forest and looking through Aliexpress in search of something interesting. And suddenly a genius idea flashed across my mind. We’ll make a grand battle! The technologies of the […]

Review: Stromer ST2 Electric Bike

Hi Brett Thurber here from The New Wheel in San Francisco. Today I’d like to introduce to you the ultimate electric bike: the Stromer ST2. We’ve been anticipating this bike for over a year and a half now, since we saw it for the first time at Eurobike. The good news is that this bike […]


Remember when you had to pedal up the hills both towards your destination and on the way back home, life has become much easier since those days. Now there are many options for bikes and electric bikes. My name is Sam and I am from InterTech and today I present you 12 new scooters and […]

Review: Stromer ST1 Electric Bike

hi Brett Thurber here from The New Wheel electric bikes in San Francisco today I’m with the streamer st1 electric bike. This is a bike that I’ve been riding for the last six months or so from my shop here in Bernal to Sausalito and and so I wanna talk a little bit about my […]

FIIDO D2 Folding Moped Electric Bike E-bike

Main Features ● 250W motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 25 degree gradient ●16 inch inflatable rubber tire for different grounds ● Folding design for convenient carrying ● Adjustable heights of handlebar and saddle for different heights of people ●Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode for choose ● LED front light […]

Slogdesign FEDDZ electric bike 2018 Review

the most authentic and contemporary electric bike with a speed of 45 km/h with a range of 60 kilometers, you can relax and travel through the city on your daily adventures. slogdesign developed an open framework, which integrates the interchangeable battery in a form-fit way, and with a low centre of gravity. the battery is […]