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Designed by: Mohanraam Pillai Rupesh Shelar Pavankumar Shelke Deepak M Nair

Electric Bike Proyect (MAGLEV principle)

First we mounted the neodymium permanet magnets we catch the magnet´s position using an optocoupler the optocoupler commands de electric signal for the electromagnet (the green one) I still filming? we mounted the system in a real bike the light activate the optocoupler there you go can you count the rounds?

Explorer eBike – White Bear

White Bear eBikes 250W Motor 40-50 mile range 36V li-iron battery Folding electric bike Riding electric bike White Bear eBikes Click to see: the discovery eBike Click to see: our range Bought to you by #ifitsmedia

Green Shuttle (Electric Bike Taxi)

I am visiting Green Shuttle here in Aarhus. This is a pretty nice concept, where you have these electric bikes, and they have 14 closed gears, here, and it is specially built. It’s pretty cozy, and when you have electric power, you can have two guests with you here. And it’s driven by this battery […]

What is an electric bike?

What is an electric bicycle? It is a tool to be learned and cared for, a gym membership, and 360 degree views. It’s doing more with less and living better for it. It’s familiar. It’s human scale. It’s good health for us, our cities, and our planet. It’s a sunroof, a moonroof, and a convertible. […]

Orbea Katu

More light. More air. More looks. The fly… I’ve seen this fly before… Days aren’t numbers. Seconds get filled up. I feel the beat in every street. Streets are never the same. That’s pretty clear on a bike. We pass each other every day, almost every day. If I’m thirsty, I can stop and drink. […]