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Vintage Electric Bikes | eGarage

Andrew: The name just flowed. It was just Vintage Electric. That was before even I thought it was going to be a business. It was like, “I want to build a vintage electric bike.” Then, bringing it around and getting people’s interest, and thinking I could actually build them for customers, deliver, and make them […]

Getest: de nieuwe e-bike VanMoof Electrified S2 schop je op slot 🚲

We were the first in The Netherlands to try the new electric bike from VanMoof The Electrified S2 Hi, it’s Erwin from Bright. One of the bikes we recommend in our guide Bright Stuff is the VanMoof Electrified S A new version has arrived, the S2 and we were able to use it already, let […]

Review: Kalkhoff Integrale S11 Electric Bike

Hi, I’m Brett from The New Wheel in San Francisco we are an electric bike speciality shop and today I’m with the Kalkhoff Integrale a brand new bike from Kalkhoff this bike brings together a large capacity battery, a Shimano Alfine 11 speed internally geared hub and gates carbon belt drive to make one of […]


call it the bike called the bike but it really is fantastic to shoot in the park seems to be riding on a motocross bike mounts a 1000 watt motor off-road version e 250 volt approved version rear dnm suspension and maybe it’s the double front plate always dnm this model is mounted with brakes […]

Epic E-Bike Adventure: Prague to Pilsen (part 1)

Dobry den and Good day from Prague! We have an epic e-bike adventure, waiting for you. We are leaving Prague and going all the way to Pilsen. In a 2 day, amazing trip. Come with us, we’ve got to start pedaling. We got over 140 kilometers, Come on! And like that we were off. For […]

Review: Focus Bold² Electric Hardtail Bike

Hi. I’m Brett from The New Wheel Electric Bike Shop in San Francisco in Marin County. And I’m here today with the Focus Bold Squared hardtail mountain bike. This is the new hardtail in the Focus Squared product line. It’s built on the same platform as the Jam Squared and the Sam Squared, but it […]

The RAWBIKE, Stockholms hottest electric bike.

Rawbike is something like a car on two wheels its not really an ebike in that sense that it has a throttle you can pedal and you can use it as a bicycle. But you can also throttle it that turns like gas. and I discover it for a year ago it was a guy […]

Overview of the Wisper 806 Torque folding electric bike

The Wisper 806 talk electric folding bike is the step through design with fully adjustable seat and handlebars which makes this the perfect bike for all riders. It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, you can ride this bike. The hand welded 6061 alloy frame is tough, durable and top quality. The premium […]


Shortly, we are now on Abano mountain pass, and the road is pretty … mm.. how do I say it.. dangerous! very narrow and occasionally, no space for two cars to pass together. so, we have to stop from time to time to let the traffic pass us. the name is definitely justified – the […]