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Peter’s Stromer ST2 Electric Bike Review

Hey! This is Peter from Bikes And Life.Now, you may know me from another YouTube channel of another bike shop but… I’ve taken the next step in my life and moved on to a new company that I am just 100% behind the mission of. Bikes And Life has a real mission and a goal […]

Your E-Bike’s Watts and your Motor’s Performance

I Am Kirby with augustine ebike today I will share with you some Maintenance tips, and some ebike tips there to make your ebike center bike to ride every day. Just the way we do Often times power ratings are misleading the problem Is that manufacturers don’t use the same standards to label their motors […]

15 E-Bikes for On-Road and Off-Road 2018-2019

– [Narrator] Not everyone has the money to shell out on a brand new car every couple of years. For some people, particularly those living in busy cities with busy traffic, it doesn’t even make sense to own a car. E-bikes are one of the latest vehicle market trends, in recent years, and could provide […]

E-Bike Tips. Programming the KT-LCD3 controller computer

I’m Kirby I’m David and then this is our missing bike the Katy LCD three controller computer is one of the most commonly used in the ebike Andy bike conversion market today and for good reason it offers a user a lot of control and flexibility over the functions on their bike it controls 20 […]

My First E-Bike Road Bike Test Ride – 2020 BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Road

today we’re gonna have a first look at BMC’s brand new Alpenchallenge AMP e-bike road bike My name is Cruise, and I make videos about cycling let’s get started with today’s bike review we will start with a bike review and then go for a test ride I’m in Italy for BMC’s test ride event […]

Review: Riese & Muller Nevo Bosch Electric Bike

Hi, I’m Karen at The New Wheel, and I’m here today with Riese & Müller’s Nevo. This is one serious step-through bike. Riese & Müller has a deep history in engineering, and they’ve reimagined this category to create the flagship step-through bike in their lineup. Today in this video, I’m going to talk about some […]

How to change a tire on a rear hub e-Bike motor

I’m Kirby I’m David and this is our bikes so today I’ll be changing my rear tire and my 1200 watt ebike I got a flat because my tired worn down significantly over the 4000 miles i put I’d as you can see your e bike tires taking much bigger pounding on a regular bike […]

Easy + Cheap eBike!! Motorized Wheel Conversion Kit REVIEW

Hey guys, I’m ben from Authentech and e-bikes are getting really popular But they can be pretty expensive This is [a] cool solution It comes with the tire a battery motor built into the hub you attach it to the bicycle You already have and now you have an [E-bike]. Let’s check it out There’s […]

E-Bike Tips. Troubleshooting failed E-Bike Battery Problems

Hi, I’m kirby with Augustin ebike today I will share with you some Maintenance tips, and some ebike tips there to make your a bike instead of like to ride every day, just the way we do Recently a customer of ours ran into a problem with a battery buddy but from someone else Then […]