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The Weirdest Rules Of The Tour de France | GCN Show Ep. 340

– Welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we’ve got a jam packed show including weird and wonderful rules of the Tour de France, weird and not wonderful hotels of the Tour de France, and the finalist for our Orbea Orca Aero giveaway. – Plus, the truth about what […]

What Can An E Bike Do That A Normal Mountain Bike Can Not?

– What can an e-mountain bike do that a mountain bike cannot? Well, it’s a very sensitive subject, but nevertheless a very real one. So, today then we’re going to be looking at some bogs, banks, mountains, and a bit of tech. (upbeat jazz music) Chris! (car horn honks) Chris, come on. Now, before we […]

Softride Hang 2 Bike Rack Demo – how to load bikes onto rack

Hi, we’re here with Softride today. We’re just demonstrating the Softride Hang2 which is a vertical style hitch rack. I just want to show everybody real fast how quick and easy it is to load it… and unload it. Now I’m going to make this so we can go through how to load it quickly […]

Bankwest Easy Grants: Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective

The thing about mountain biking is you get to combine the adrenaline rush of a physical ride, while enjoying the great outdoors. But It’s important that we work together to maintain the trails for future generations. The Bankwest Easy Grant, has helped us buy tools to maintain the network, which we couldn’t do before. We’re […]

Alumina 3 Bike Rack Intro – Softride Bike Rack

This is the Softride Aluimina 3 bike rack. It’s a lightweight aluminum rack. The base weight is 12 pounds, so it’s easy to install and de-install from the rear of your vehicle. This is a hitch-mounted rack that attaches to the inch-and-a-quarter and two-inch receiver hitches with the equipment in the box. The arms are […]

Tips For Beginner Swimmers | Improve Your Swimming Confidence

– We’re taking things back to basics today and looking at the very beginnings of how to swim. And I’m going to be making no presumptions here, so we’re going to include the basics of what you might need, how to get into the pool and how to get started whilst focusing on building your […]


Hello Today I will show you how to modify hill climb racing First I will show you that the app is genuine It costs £13.99 without the mod Now download Lucky Patcher the link is in the description. Once downloaded click on hill climb Now click open menu of patches If you have root you […]