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DIY Electric Mountain Bike

Hi, I’m Willy and This is my e-bike Build Log. The trick here is that I’m using wood panels to make the bike frame wide enough for the battery You can do this for yourself much easier if you use a bike frame with a big triangle that easily fits the batteries and your parts. […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your E-Bike | Performance & Durability

– Owning an e-bike is often gonna mean more riding and more riding’s gonna lead to more wear on your bike. You’re gonna be taking in new terrain, going on bigger adventures, maybe pushin’ the envelope a little bit more. I mean, that’s the thing with e-bikes, it just makes you go nuts for riding, […]

The New Breed Of E Bikes: In The Workshop And On The Trail

E-Mountain bikes are changing and you don’t have to look too far back to these designs are pretty clunky With motors of batteries literally chucked onto a normal mountain bike but now we’re seeing ground up designs that much more integrated the driving Force literally behind that a smaller more compact motor systems like this […]

Enduro Bike Vs E Bike Race | Which Is Faster Down An EWS Track?

(groovy horn music) – So we’re here in the iconic Enduro location of Finale Ligure in Italy, home of the Enduro World Series every year. And today it’s time for another versus video. This time it’s Enduro bike versus E bike. (groovy horn music) So the Nukeproof Mega has some history in this place. Sam […]

Tested: Cube Reaction Hybrid SL 500 Review – Flow Mountain Bike

Integration, aka the quest to make your e- bike not to look like an e-bike, is clearly a real battleground for 2018. And we think that’s pretty understandable given that so many bikes on the market look like a transformer had sex with a wheelbarrow. But the Cube Reaction Hybrid 500 SL, despite its terrible […]

How To Manual | E Mountain Bike Skills

– So this is an essential skill for riding your E-Mountain Bike. This is how to manual. (upbeat techno music) Manualing an e-bike really is the same skill as manualing a normal bike, but there’s a couple things that you really need to concentrate on to get a good one. But first, let’s talk about […]

Electrophobia: Fear of The E Bike | EMBN Show Ep.45

– Today on EMBN, we discuss the slightly more serious issue of a fear that’s taken over some people in the woods. – We’re not talking about big jumps, dropoffs, gaps, things like that, are we Steve? – Nope, within the trail centres, the woods and bike parks, a very genuine fear is lurking. A […]

Which motor for your e mountain bike?

– Hey, Rob here. Welcome to 2019 and what I think is gonna be one of the biggest years for electric mountain bikes ever. My goal this year is to bring out 100 quality videos on electric mountain bikes, bringing the freshest, most independent content to you. Massive thank you to everyone who subscribed, adds […]

Short Travel Vs Long Travel E Mountain Bike | Which Should You Choose?

(energetic music) – Steve, just like normal mountain bikes, there’s loads of different travel options on the market. How do you pick the right one for yourself? – Yeah, it’s a big question. And a lot of people get really stressed out about whether they’re getting the right travel bike for them. But if you […]