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SEC Stories of Success Features UT’s Chris Cherry and His E-Bike Sharing System

At the University of Tennessee, Civil Engineering Assistant Professor Chris Cherry collaborated with the biosystems engineering department to create the nation’s first automated e-bike sharing system. two bicycle stations now on campus the pilot program offers an opportunity for for health active transport while reducing emissions. [music] Chris Cherry: “One of the main motivations for […]

All New 2019 E-Bike Tech | EMBN At Sea Otter Part 2

– Day two, Sea Otter Classic, in California. The sun is out, and today we’re gonna give you more bikes, more tech and more characters from the Sea Otter Classic. (exciting electronic sounds) Now, Fantic have massive history in the off-road world. They’ve been making motorcycles since 1968. But this bike has really grabbed my […]

Test-Riding Big Cat Electric Bikes on the Beach & Boardwalk | Mashable

I ride a bike almost everyday. And I’ve always been a little curious about electric bikes, but also skeptical. There’s a company out of Long Island called Big Cat that makes electric bikes and they gave me a couple to play with. So let’s go check them out. All three of the bikes I tried […]

The Evolution of E-Bike Technology | EMBN Show Ep. 64

– There’s a real club feel on today’s EMBN show, we’ll be looking at smoke machines, and also 20-somethings making decisions on whether to go E or not. – And the impact of future tech. (upbeat music) – I guess any discussion on future tech has to start with the lithium ion battery, something that […]

How To Protect Your E Bike From Winter

– E-mountain bikes was designed to be ridden in the nastiest conditions possible. Mud, rain, they love it, it’s where they can actually out-perform a standard mountain bike. However, if you’re not taking the right precautions and doing the right things on your E-mountain bike, one ride in winter conditions can make that bike look […]

Swytch tovert een normale fiets om tot e-bike

I am working on a really nice project I am converting my usual bike to an electric bike. Converting your bike to an e-bike is actually pretty easy. What you need is a conversion kit. You can find those kits online everywhere, a lot of companies sell them. I ordered one from the UK and […]

Will E-Bikes Kill Road Bikes? | The GCN Show Ep. 215

– From Berkeley, California, welcome to the GCN Show. – From the beautiful island of Antigua, welcome to the GCN Show. – From the Planche De Belle Fille, we have a puncture at 83km, welcome to the GCN Show. (upbeat music) – Welcome to the GCN Show. This week we speculate as to whether e-bikes […]

How To Transport Your E Bike | Getting To The Trails With An EMTB

[Steve]People transport their motorbikes by various means, either by car, by van, by rack, by pick-up however, with an e-mounted bike and that added weight can be a little bit more tricky. So, today then we’re going to have a lot at the various ways of transporting your e-bike from A to B. Now, e-bikes […]

EMBN Show Ep.25: Martyn Wants A Faster E-Bike

– Martyn’s back, managed to prise him away from Love Island. I’ve got him a can of Coke and we’re ready to roll. And today is going to be all about speed. – Yes, and not only speed. I want to talk about breaking the rules. (intense music) Right, starting with some news and check […]