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Giantech – E-bikes | Giant Bicycles USA

Alright, here’s a Hot Dog absolute truth. Electric bikes are fun. Remember fun? The sound of tires on pavement? The feel of wind on your skin? The thrill of a bike ride is something we should never grow out of. Here’s another Hot Dog-ism: E-bikes are NOT cheating. What would you be cheating at? Being […]


that didn’t just happen! 2 million tons of electronic waste every year whats up guys! new video! finally back on my mountain bike! hopefully! im still a little injured but it should work, i don’t necsaaarily wanna ride dirt jump already and do sick tricks where i twist my bike around but enduro and dh […]

What Noise Is My E-Bike Making? | How To Silence your EMTB Noises

– Your e-mountain bike should be near silent when out and about on the trails. You might hear a little whir coming from the motor, you might hear somebody shouting “Cheat!” at you. But those noises are nothing to worry about. There are a few noises that could mean something a little bit more ominous […]

Introducing Turbo Levo SL

This story begins with a mountain. A beast. Untamable. Raw. Reigning over all. But the mountain bikers soon arose from the desire to conquer nature’s champion. Desire “evolvesized” into obsession. Speed. Performance. Jumps! Berms! Laps on laps! It wasn’t enough, my friend. For the mountain proved a shrewd adversary. The rider needed more. So, they […]

What Frame Material Is Best For E Bikes? | Carbon vs Aluminium

– Suspension travel, wheel size, bike brands and component specification. It’s an incredibly complex business buying an e-bike before you even get into frame materials. Now by and large, it’s a straightforward battle between carbon and alloy, yet it’s not really that straightforward. So today we’ll be looking at this whole business of frame materials […]

How Do Tyres Affect Your EMTB’s Battery Range?

– We all want a little bit more out of our e-mountain bikes, right? The ability to go the extra mile. And one of the simplest ways of doing this is actually by your choice of tire. In this video, we’re going to be looking at the differences and the detail and the range between […]