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Peter’s Stromer ST2 Electric Bike Review

Hey! This is Peter from Bikes And Life.Now, you may know me from another YouTube channel of another bike shop but… I’ve taken the next step in my life and moved on to a new company that I am just 100% behind the mission of. Bikes And Life has a real mission and a goal […]

Test-Riding Big Cat Electric Bikes on the Beach & Boardwalk | Mashable

I ride a bike almost everyday. And I’ve always been a little curious about electric bikes, but also skeptical. There’s a company out of Long Island called Big Cat that makes electric bikes and they gave me a couple to play with. So let’s go check them out. All three of the bikes I tried […]

E bike 4 Wheeled Review : Imus Metro EP 028 Philippines

Good Day Guys and welcome to another episode of Riding in Tandem with me RM and me Elaine In this episode we will be saving the earth by using the 4 wheeled Imus Metro E Bike. Lets go! So how do we save earth? Simple. E Bike 0 emissions. Unlike gasoline and diesel engines both […]

Review: Stromer ST5 – The New Swiss Super Ebike

Hi. I’m Brett from the New Wheel Electric Bike shop in San Francisco and Marin. And today, I’m in Switzerland. I’m at the Stromer Campus in Oberwangen, and I’m here on the production line of the brand new Stromer ST5. I’ve come, here, to Switzerland to test ride the new ST5, take it around the […]