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How To Lube Your E Bike Chain | EMTB Maintenance

– The chain on your e-mountain bike is one of the most important components to look after. Even simple things such as lubing your chain you can make a few mistakes with. So in today’s video, we’re going in depth on everything there is to deal with your chain. (upbeat music) All right, so let’s […]

How To Wash An E Bike | Cleaning An Electric Mountain Bike

– It’s great fun getting out there in the mud in the wintry conditions on your e-mountain bike but as fun as it is there’s always going to be the big cleanup after so today I’ll be showing you how to wash your e-mountain bike. For today’s video we are using Muc-Off products however there […]

Essential Tools For Your Workshop | E-Bike Maintenance

– When it comes to tools to working on your E-mountain bike it can get pretty confusing but today’s video, we’re taking a look at all those essential tools that you’re going to need for your toolbox. (light music) – Well it all starts here of course, and these Allen keys. These things range in […]

Common E Bike Maintenance Mistakes | EMBN TOP 12

– Don’t go believing that an e-bike is riddled with maintenance issues, because that simply is not true. Just like a normal bike, their a simple beast to maintain. Now, a mountain bike in general is a pretty durable bike; however, with an e-bike there are certain details and considerations you need to bear in […]

How Bosch E-Bike Motors Are Serviced And Repaired

– We get a lot of concerns on the channel about buying second-hand e-bikes. At the same time, we get a lot of concerns about the longevity of e-bike motors. Well, today we’re gonna put all those worries at bay. I’m gonna have a look at a very inexpensive way how to refresh your Bosch […]

E Mountain Bike Motors Explained | EMBN’s E-Bike Fundamentals Part 1

– There are so many types of E Bike motors to choose from. But it’s crucial you get it right because it’s gonna be (mumbles) on the right dynamic, and the performance on the trail. So today we’re gonna talk about the different types of motor and which one you might wanna choose. (futuristic music) […]

How To Care For Your Shimano Steps E Bike Motor | E MTB Maintenance

– This is what owning a Shimano steps EMTB entails in terms of maintenance. (jazz music) – Today, we’re going to be talking about five different aspects of maintenance. We’ve got the drive unit, the battery, the cycle computer, the switch, and also the cables that are involved here. To add to that, we’re going […]