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Climb it

We’re we’re like rolling down the hill together of-… What’s down the hill ? I feel like we’re climbing ! We’re getting closer to enlightenment and you feel we’re going down ? (laughs) We’re climbing, we’re getting pulled up a hill by our curiosity We’re pushing ourse-… We’re pulling us up a hill by our […]

Putting Bikes On The Map | GCN Does Strava Art

Hank: Oh, my gosh, Manon, check this out. Look this is Ariel, the little mermaid that has been drawn onto the streets of San Francisco. Manon: That is pretty cool. Hank: Given it wasn’t a cyclist, it was a jogger. Manon: Check this out. Hank: What have we got there? Manon: Brian Dave cycled 100 […]

Perspective Drawing in Photoshop! Grids and Tips

perspective grids are an invaluable component of drawing backgrounds for animation and even animation itself is heavily reliant on having proper perspective yet the entire subject still remains a mystery to even our most studied viewer guys how to get those perspective grid on Photoshop mm-hmm great question love that but you see perspective is […]