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What’s faster? A bicycle or a car in Indian traffic

All those of you who are already living in Hyderabad, probably already know how bad the traffic here can be. So I thought it would be a genius idea for me to race my friend. I’d be on a bike, and he’d be in a car. I just wanted to find out who’d be quicker. […]

Lifted Car vs Truck Off-Road Challenge!

(vehicle engines rev) (intense intro music) – All right guys, now that we got this Grand Marquis lifted, and we got the first rendition of the Silverado done, we’re gonna put them up head to head against each other and see how well this Grand Marquis can do off road against a truck. We’re gonna […]

NEW KTM 1190 ADVENTURE Review, Drag Race, & First Ride Impressions o#o

Hey what’s up ladies and gentletubers it’s eveRide welcome to the badlands! Today we get GoatCabeza’s brand new KTM 1190 adventure nice and dirty. We’ll follow it with a drone give you our first impressions, and drag race it against the DRZ400 Black Widow. You’re not going to want to miss it so stick around. […]

Drag race: Audi R8 vs Ducati Panigale V4 | Car vs Bike | Autocar

You join us for another Autocar drag race, this time it is supercar vs. superbike. Four-wheel-drive vs. one-wheel-drive and two very different ways of going fast within the VW group. Now if you like this video, please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for videos like this every single week. The Panigale V4 is […]

Pulsar 220 vs Honda Jazz – Car vs Bike: Episode 1 | MotorBeam

Dude, What the F **K man. What the F**K! Dude give me some space na, you are not giving me any space to go. This isn’t the way you drive bro, stop ahead, and come ahead. You come ahead, you’re not giving me any space to go You want space, come ahead Let’s go ahead […]

Restricted Vs. De-restricted E-MTBs | What’s The Difference?

– [Steve] Mr. Limited loves to live by the rules. In fact, he actually takes joy in being ruled. He drives with his hands at three and nine and makes the utmost out of one charge of battery. Making sure it always charged to it’s most efficient level. Mr. Loose burns through batteries. In fact, […]

Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Racing Night Under Fire Summit Motorsports Park 2013

(Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Racing) (Night Under Fire Norwalk) (Announcer) From Jr. Dragsters now it’s time to go over 200 miles an hour. (top fuel bike engine starting) (Larry Spiderman McBride) (Night Under Fire) (Summit Motorsports Park) (motorcycle burnout) (crowd cheering) (bike wheelie) (Announcer) Ladies and gentleman I’ll tell you what. That is a brand […]

World’s Greatest Drag Race 6!

(droning music) – Hi there. (speaking in foreign language) This is the sixth running of the world’s greatest drag race. This year, the competition is tougher than ever, however, I think I’m driving the winner. This is the all new Acura NSX. And in addition to all-wheel drive, I’ve got three, count them one, two, […]