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I Can Do Anything On An E-Bike | 15 Questions With Steve Geall

(eletronics chirp) – So we’ve seen a lot of people switch across to e-bikes recently, a few people catch my eyes with their Instagrams, social stuff. This is one guy I really wanted to get to know a bit better. This is Steve Geall, he’s probably one of the most stylish guys to ever swing […]


Whats up guys! new video! i took my downhill bike to a quarry! as you can see i didn’t manage to do the intro ahead because i was already going in with the GoPro and didnt wanna cause an uproar so started right away with the GoPro i have been riding there one other time […]


(forest and bugs noises) (Bike noises) At this moment jackson knew He fucked up Ah! (Pain noises) it’s must to change the spokes of the wheel it’s missing 3 spokes of the wheel, it’s huge Yeah… it’s the life F*uck you! (Bip) (music of the end)

Carrera Downhill MTB (Mountain Bike) en Cuenca Ecuador 18 febrero 2018

This is a Downhill race in Cuenca, Ecuador. We have about 100 racers. They’re going to start from the top of Turi, from the antennas, and they’ll make their way down here to the freeway. This track is the longest one in Turi right now. Approximately 3:30 or 3:20 [is the best time] for the […]

4 Bike Shops That Could Survive The Apocalypse | The GCN Show Ep. 319

– From deep in the heart, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week the will he or won’t he saga of Geraint Thomas racing the Giro continues, as does our own saga of push-ups, and John Degenkolb also steps in to save Paris-Roubaix. […]

ruszamy na miasto – URBAN FREERIDE #3

what are you doing? -my break didn’t work -You almost kicked me in the head MADMAN! yyy.. one more time why? F*ck he just cut off your head! Let’s go? let’s go which way? left or right? I tought I’ll fall over You won’t believe I was driving on the biggest one derailleur what the […]

Rémy Absalon – Make Your Mark | SHIMANO

We started mountain biking with my brother a long time ago. My brother rode with my neighbours. They said to my parents: ‘Julien is good, he should race cross country’. He started like this and I followed after that. With all disciplines of mountain bike… …with trial, downhill and cross country. It was hard to […]