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Best way to tow a bike with another bike (MTB)

G’day. It’s Michael here from MTB Direct. Today we’re gonna learn how to tow someone on a mountain bike. So the first thing we need is an ocky strap. This one’s about 1200 long and it’s got the closed loops at the end. These are much safer to use than the typical hook style ones. […]

Building A New Superbike & Self Isolation | Neil’s 1st GMBN Vlog

(wrench makes noise) (banging and whirring noises) – Hi everyone, Neil here. As you might tell, I’m at home because things have changed, as you probably know. A lot of stuffing going on at the moment in the world, and the UK, now we’re in lockdown. Just to let you know, at GMBN, we’re taking […]

Ask GMBN: What is Your Dream Mountain Bike?

– Welcome to this week’s Ask GMBN, where you guys send all your questions you want answering from us dudes, here at GMBN. – Yeah, can’t wait to get into some mountain biking test questions, challenges. What have we got this week, Blake? – Well, we got one from Kevin, and he’s asking, where is […]

Flat Tire Long Jump Challenge – MTB NAGELBRETT CHALLENGE!

is it flat? this video was filmed before the quarantine. Hope you guys enjoy the entertainment in this time where not much biking is going on. #stayathome hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video where we are having a special idea again scotty Cranmer did it first, Fabio wibmer and Elias Schwärzler […]

SEB IS BACK!! | Toronto International Bike Show

Alex: Sebastian Kowdrysh, founder and co-owner of Everyday Biking. The man who started it all. Unfortunately, April 27, 2019, would be the last time we see Sebastian. Until now! Seb: What’s up guys! Sebastian from Everyday Biking, and welcome to the Toronto International Bike Show! Alex: Alright guys, welcome to the Toronto Canadian International Canadain […]

Blake Tries Clips! | How To Ride Your MTB With Clipless Pedals

(laughing) – That’s fresh ay, right? – It certainly is. – This will tighten up! – I wouldn’t spend too much time tightening those up, mate. You know what they are? – No way, I … How, no, no! – Yeah (claps hands). – Look at, it’s flippin’ icy; I’m not … – You’re a […]