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DIY Magnetic contactless bike dynamo TEST #2

i roughly put a little coil near the magnetic rotor inside the coil there are some ferromagnetic parts which give some spinning resistance to the rotor let’s spin the wheel! eddy currents induce the rotor spinnining, making a continously variable magnetic field near the coil, which convert this in electricity the capacitor give some smoothness […]

DIY Front Bicycle Fender Tutorial

Hi! I’m Take A Bike and I’ll show you how to make a DIY front fender for you bike for spring and winter. It’s cheap, easy, and super light. All you will need: A plastic jug, some zip ties, a box cutter and a nail Run the jug under hot water to remove the label. […]

DIY Electric Mountain Bike

Hi, I’m Willy and This is my e-bike Build Log. The trick here is that I’m using wood panels to make the bike frame wide enough for the battery You can do this for yourself much easier if you use a bike frame with a big triangle that easily fits the batteries and your parts. […]

DIY Rear Fender for Your Bike Tutorial

Hi I’m Take a Bike, and today I’ll show you how to make a rear fender for your bike This design is based off one used in the professional peloton. It will hang off the back of your seat and keep your bum dry I call it a butt fender You will need the following […]

Adjust A Bike Wheel’s Cup And Cone Rear Hub

Remove the wheel from the frame so you can acces the rear hub. On a rearwheel the cone and lock-nut on the drive side may not be accessible. The right side lock-nut and cone should be kept locked tight together and all adjustments done on the other side. If the right side lock-nut and cone […]

Adjust A Bike’s Handlebars Attached To A Threaded Steerer

Measure how much of the handlebar stem is visible above the lock-nut on top of the headset. Use a tape measure before and after any handlebar adjustment or maintenance, that way you can go back if you don’t like the new position. Follow the line of the headtube to find the head of the expander […]

How To Hang A Bicycle – DIY At Bunnings

Today, I’m gonna show you how to hang a bicycle. Great way to store it where it’s out of the way and where it’s not gonna get damaged. The first thing you need to do is find a nice place that you’re gonna be able to store it. And I’m gonna choose this wall. Over […]

Adjust The Bike Headset On A Threaded Steerer

Some bike headsets have a knurled ring on the adjustable race, these can be adjusted with a large pair of slip-joint pliers. If it has flats, either a hexagon or two parallel flats, you will need a bike headset spanner of the correct size to turn it. A bike headset spanner is thin so it […]

How to inject slime inner tube sealant into a Presta valve

Hello in this video I will show you an alternate way to get Slime sealant into your Presta valve tube Other youtubers like KriegerKrieg remove the valve lock nut I don’t like to do this because the lock nut threads are mushroomed to prevent it being removed and this could cause you to lose the […]