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My wheel truing workflow – get your wheels perfect every single time!

Hi I’m Alexandros Siasos and you may have seen me truing the wheels of my bikes in my Instagram bike maintenance stories and today I’m going to share with you my standard wheel truing workflow. Note that the procedure that we are about to discuss can be applied by anyone as no special tool is […]

This Electric Motorcycle Will Kill You

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about electric motorcycles and they’re not just some concept these things have been around for 10 years, now granted it’s not a new idea but it didn’t go like this thing does, we’re talking high-tech speed machine and as you can see everything here of course is […]

Street Bike Tommy Is the King of Doing Sketchy Things | Ridiculousness

– All right, why I’m so excited about this show, because the truth of the matter is it’s not the belly, or that tight shirt. You have done so many sketchy things man. I mean let’s talk about hospital visits. – Yeah I go to the ER pretty often, normally by helicopter flights. – In […]

Street Bike Tommy’s Life Is a Ridiculousness Category | Ridiculousness

– Welcome back to Ridiculousness and we are absolutely on fire right now, because we can basically make a category out of your life. (laughs) – I’m an internet genius, man. – You, you want to know what? You are a physical large man genius. (laughs) Okay, pour a little bit of stunt sugar on […]

Building & Riding a twisty hip jump transfer thingy

Last month we began building Rhodorooter, a steep downhill trail through the rhododendron thickets of Berm Peak. At the top around the very first turn, we made a mess. Dubbed the Kevin Jump, this failed project was Kevin’s plan to build a twisty transfer hip thingy out of two dead trees. We figured that throwing […]