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Building a skinny “snake tongue” bridge for mountain bikes

n last week’s video, we strung together features new and old to create Berm Peak’s most exhilarating line, and you had best believe it packs some serious fun. But in light of recent events, we’ve decided to tone down the risk factor and focus on something a little different. Today we’re going to build some […]

The Secret To A Custom Bling Bike Without New Paint | GCN Tech Show Ep.91

– [Ollie] Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. I’m flying solo. Again. Jon was last seen entering a bike museum, and hasn’t been seen since. I hope he’s okay. Anyhow, on this week’s show, we have got some hot new carbon wheel tech, the Bike Vault, your upgrades, and our main talking point, which is […]


yo welcome to kpop RC, the channel where I make sick videos of scale models pretty much anything that’s got a remote so don’t forget to sub up for giveaways and sick-ass rc content, and sometimes there’s fire on this week’s episode of kpop RC we try to climb some trees, we’re gonna send it […]

Building and Riding the Backyard Whale Tail

Today, we’re visiting dirt merchant—no, not that Dirt Merchant. The Dirt Merchant. Like, a dude with dirt…inventory. This particular dirt is free because the merchant’s trying to get rid of it. You get something different in every scoop, mainly clay, sand, lots of shale, and the occasional glove or pipe fitting. And we’re gonna need […]

Our First Bikes: Where Did It Begin? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 75

– Welcome to the GCN tech show. This week we’ve got information on new bikes. We’ve got environmentally sound products plus some new shoes. – And then we talk about our first ever bikes. – Oh, looking forward to this one. (energetic electronic music) (metallic swiping) – Right this week then we’re celebrating first bikes […]

spray paint a bike at home with supreme quality DIY

you have clicked on this video because you want to paint the cycle frame DIY with spray cans at home you are right in this video I will paint this carbon frame DIY with spray cans a beginner paint job but with professional quality everybody of you is able to do at home even if […]

Как я храню Soco и Xiaomi/ My E-bike storage

Hello! Many asked me Tell me how I store my motorcycle. The answer is like this. I dragged him to home to the 6th floor. It was certainly hard! I rolled it into my room and keep it in this way. Standing in my room in dry and warm, fully working. I disconnect the batteries. […]