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Make your own Sensored ESC || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 1)

Since warm seasons are slowly approaching, it was time for me to free my bicycle from dust and oil it’s chain And, as you can see its mechanical drive system still works without a problem. But for an electronics enthusiast like me, it is kind of boring… That is why I ordered an E – […]

Best ELECTRIC BIKE from CHINA /$4,000 eBike Review from AliExpress

so China is slowly flooding the market with finished e-bikes and I was very curious how they perform my friend wasn’t confident enough to build his own ebike so he decided to purchase and test it out one of these Chinese ones and he was nice enough to let me review it I I was […]

Vintage Kirk Precision Road Bike Restoration

Hello, Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration Very Special one this one. This is a Kirk Precision, built in the 1980’s Designed by Frank Kirk. Who was a Ford Car Designer Legend has it that he got the inspiration for the design for this frame, from a Ford Serria bumper. Believe it or not! […]

3 Port Valves and Y Plan Heating Systems – Plumbing Tips

– [Announcer] Plumber Parts dot CO dot UK. Honest reviews and advice, sponsored by Heat and Plumb dot com. – Hello and welcome to this Plumber Parts video. Today, I’m going to tell you about three-port valves that position the heating system and how to instal their control heads. Basically, giving you a brief explanation. […]

Is This The Most Aero Bike Racer In The World? | Rethinking Cycling Aerodynamics

– Today I’m in mid Wales and I’ve not just come here for the stunning backdrop behind but instead I’m going to meet a gentleman who is actually re-designing and re-thinking aerodynamics when it comes to road racing and time trials. And while reckon you’re going to absolutely love it because, get this, he’s even […]