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The New Cannondale SystemSix Aero Road Bike | GCN Tech’s First Look

(mechanical clicking) – Cannondale have just released their first ever aero road bike. Yes, a little bit late to the party, but that’s quite some entrance. (smooth jazz music) It’s called the SystemSix, and Cannondale fans might remember, there was a bike with this name from back in the mid-Noughties. But make no mistake, this […]

How Do I Keep My Chain Super Clean? | GCN Tech Clinic

Welcome back to another episode of the GCN Tech Clinic where I help to solve your bike problem, how cool is that? And I’m lucky as well, because I absolutely love getting stuck into reading your problems and trying to help solve them. So, if you’ve got one, leave it down there in the comments […]

How To Bleed SRAM HRD Disc Brakes | Road Bike Maintenance

– Now the reason for bleeding disc brakes is that sometimes your hydraulic brake lines can actually become contaminated with dirt, air, or in some cases even water. Obviously that results in poor braking performance. So today we’re gonna look at how to bleed the SRAM hydraulic road disc brake system. So you can get […]

Fitting Disc Brake Pads On A Road Bike

– Disc brakes are here to stay, and whilst the pads do last quite some time, they will eventually need replacing, so today, let’s look at exactly how to do it so when the time comes, it’s a nice and simple job. (dramatic electronic music) (smooth dance music) Now generally, you’re going to want to […]

Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleeding Done Right (Shimano)

Gary with BBInfinite. Most of us have experienced this…a dead lever. And as you know it means that this break needs to be bled because air has gotten into the lines and that leaves this thing spongy or just plain old not functioning. I’m about to show you how to bleed this brake system but […]

Henry’s Disc Brake Hacks | Mountain Bike Brake Set Up Tips

– Bad feeling brakes can completely throw out a whole bike for me, it’s really, really important to get a nice positive feel, and although it’s a very subjective thing, how you might want them, there’s no reason you can’t maximize your brakes. So what we’re going to look at is ways to fine-tune them […]

Turn Your Road Bike Into A Gravel Bike | GCN How To

– You don’t need a gravel bike to ride on gravel. People have always taken road bikes into the dirt. But if you do ride a lot of gravel, or you wanna ride more gravel, then it could be a good idea just to tweak your road bike so that when you do leave Tarmac, […]

Disc Vs. Rim Brakes | Are Disc Brakes Faster?

– The humble rim brake calliper has been with us for generations. But as bike designs change, and rules change within triathlon and cycling, we’re seeing an emergence of disc brake road and triathlon bikes. And we’re told time and time again that disc brakes are more powerful, they’re better in the wet, and their […]