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Hi everyone and welcome to this new tutoriel video where we’ll teach you how to shot a mtb video first you need a rider a cameraman a camera … and all the accesories you also need a riding spot . we choose this spot with good jumps first, you need a scenario, start with an […]

Can You Dirt-Proof Your Bike? | Surface Coating Your Road Bike

Oliver: Can you make your bike dirt-proof? Imagine a bike where dirt and grime doesn’t stick to it. A bike where the components and frame actively repel dirt because of the surface coating on them. It sounds a bit like science fiction, but it’s not. This tech actually already exists. It’s commonly used in the […]


So anything can happen Roman isfavorite, Sonny Goggia rides very well Tom Pastel has a great level we have already seen Flo Peyret the same, there is really a good level Loïc Pezzutti that we haven’t seen lately but who also has a good level of super enduro all that so anything can happen it […]

Dirt Bike Chain Adjustment and Lubrication

Hi, I’m Steve Matthes, Transworld Motocross’s Editor at large. You know, your chain is very vital to your bike’s performance. If it’s too loose, that’s bad. If it’s too tight, that’s bad as well. And of course, you need the proper lube. So this week on Transworld Motocross’s Bike Bandit, “How To Of The Week,” […]

Downhill Mountain Biking in the Wilds of Africa

Camera rolling. Dropping in. There’s just a bunch of sick rollers And, um, potentially a little like manual line or maybe a little double line Maybe we could find a couple s berms or something and yeah just poppin’ around, having a good time So ridiculous like It’s hard packed, it’s good to ride, it’s […]

Mathieu Van Der Poel’s Canyon Inflite CF SLX Cyclo-Cross Bike

(dramatic sound effects) – I’m here with the Canyon Inflite CF SLX of Mathieu Van der Poel, a rider who has, let’s face it, won more cyclocross races than I’ve had hot meals. He’s hot property right now in cyclocross and while many teams out there are actually hoping that he would go and ride […]