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How To Prevent Bike Theft | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 132

(laughing) – Ow. Why do they wear these? (beep) – Coming up on the show this week, we are going to be discussing some crazy results and, quite frankly, a crazy world championships. – Definitely that. We’re talking about bike security and Dotty is here with some retro, cool stuff. – That’s nearly everyone but […]

Can You Ride A Mountain Bike In Snow? Dirt Shed Show Ep. 101

– Are you ready? Are you ready, Blake? – I’m in. – We’re ready. – Are you ready? Blake’s ready. – I can’t hold this smile forever, you know? – All right, good. It’s time to stare this sport of ours in the eyes. And I ask it honestly, can you even ride in the […]

How Much Do Pro Mountain Bikers Get Paid? | Dirt Shed Show Episode 114

– Okay, it’s the Dirt Shed Show and we are gonna be talking about the ol’ buckaroos this week. – Woah. – The money; who’s earning what that’s what I wanna know… – The pros. – Yeah, and what else have we got? – It’s gonna be interesting. Well, we’re doing a bit of a […]

Go Mountain Biking With Friends Or Ride Alone? Dirt Shed Show Ep. 107

– We have got a ram packed week this week. We’ve got a competition, we’ve got all the regulars and we’re asking a big question. – Which is? – Should you go it alone, or should ride with everybody? – I’m going to say ride with everybody, because sharing is caring. – Well, it’s a […]

Should FMB Be In The Olympics? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 149

– Ends up being, p-p-pi– Turn that noise down, Mr Ashton. – Okay, here we go. – Turn it down! We got fails, we’ve got bails, and it’s all about trails. – Yeah, we’ve got news, we got views, and now we got youse! – [Martyn and Blake] It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (lively rock […]

When Does Mountain Biking Become Art? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 155

mountain biking in islamabad slopestyle gets the new world championship and a question when does bike riding become art so coming up [Music] week we’ve got some great news Blake’s here to join me how you sir and lovely caught the Sun out there in South Africa right yeah of course you were a dark […]

What Does 2017 Have In Store For Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 96

– I’m a nervous Blake cause I’m near you. – Oh no. (laughs) – It’s cause I’m near you, I’m nervous. I think you’re sexy. – You’re making me nervous. – Welcome to the Dirt Shed show where, this week, we’re gonna be meeting our new presenter. And we’re gonna be getting some tech from […]