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Top 10 Ways To Make A Mountain Bike Edit On Your Phone

– Almost everyone has got one of these in their pocket. – Yeah, mobile phone. And you don’t really need one of these huge cameras to film your riding. All you need is one of these. – So these are our top 10 tips for making the best riding edit, just using your mobile phone. […]

Could An E-Bike Be The Only Bike You Need? | One Bike To Rule Them All?

– Just a few years ago, I had bikes for every style and discipline going. There was dirt jump bikes, free ride bikes, downhill bikes, cross country bikes. But technology’s moved on massively over the last few years. Today we’re asking the question can one e-mountain bike do it all? (upbeat hip hop music) Now […]

The GMBN Power Hour! How Much Fun Can You Have On An MTB In An Hour?

– We’re at Windhill B1kepark and this is a GMBN Power Hour featuring this man Blake Samson. (Blake chuckling) You’ve got one hour to show us what you got. We’ve got the proline with big drop-offs, massive jumps. – Loads of jumps over here. – Loads of trials, berms, – And all that. – Alright […]


paradise or what are you saying? pretty sick and crazy haha hey guys whats up welcome to trail paradise – sturmbahntrails plauen its halloween jam today and thats the spot right here packed with bmx trails some jumps are still covered but just look on all those options over there, another booter the normal line […]


hey guys whats up back home from whistler Canada most of you guys saw it already that I broke my frame at joyride check this out and the top tube is in a weird angle now aswell such a huge impact. and for sure its not save to ride it still but I am glad […]

What Is A Slopestyle Mountain Bike?

– Some of you been asking me this question, “What is a slope style bike all about?” Some say it’s a dirt jump bike, you’re kinda a little bit wrong. This bike has front suspension and rear suspension. Let me talk you through it. So, as usual I’m gonna start from the ground and work […]

How To Build A Beginner Mountain Bike Dirt Jump

– Woah. Wow! Man, this location is sick, the dirt is perfect for digging in. Today is the day where I show you how to build a progressive jump, one that you can progress on, and like, just get all your skills up together, but first, you need one of these. The spade. The perfect […]