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Best Kids 20 inch Mountain Bikes Review

somani six-year-old as quickly or permanent structure sixteen body can he wants to joins dot on the trails this means he is going to need a twenty inch always non-bank as it turns out finding a decent twenty inch boys mountain bike for price that doesn’t break the wallet is not in easy task first […]

Mountain Bike TheTop 20 Brands – Part 1 | MTBT

Greetings to all and well found. It was a long time since I had planned to do this video, because it often happens to me to see wonderful mountain bikes and not to have no idea where they come from. We know that most of them are made in Asia, where the production cost is […]

An inside look at Box Components, and Visiting Sea Otter

For those of you new to this channel, I am a brand ambassador and test rider for a company called Box Components, and yes that means I’m heavily biased. I won’t be reviewing their products or trying to sell you on Box in this video. This is simply a look at where I’ve been for […]

29er or 26er – First XC Mountain Bike for Beginners #3

so you’re about to start or you’ve just heard a mountain biking and you’d like some helpful tips to get you know when in this case twenty-six her or twenty nine yr if you haven’t seen my first two videos on the subject i suggest you take them out before continuing on with this video […]

Diamondback Sync’r Pro Review

Today we’ll be taking a look at my Diamondback Sync’r Pro, and comparing it to my old Trek 4900. If you’re just popping in on this review then you might be thinking that’s a weird comparison to make, but it’s very relevant to my subscribers. Over the last year we used this bike to learn […]