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Top 9 Bike Tech Innovations That Changed Cycling History

Speaker: Bikes have evolved constantly over the years and are almost unrecognizable from the velocipedes of the Victorian era. What are the bike paths that have had the biggest impact on cycling? What are the parts that have changed cycling for the better? In this video is our top list of the most important bike […]

Why Don’t Pros Use Aero Bottles? | GCN Tech Clinic

– Right, I’m back again here at the GCN Tech Clinic to help answer any of you technical, bike-related problems, questions or queries. So let’s crack on, shall we, with this week and first up is a question from Aleksey Malyshev, who says they have worn out a cog on a Shimano Ultegra 10 speed […]

Primoz Roglic’s Custom Bianchi Oltre XR4 | Team Jumbo-Visma Pro Bike

Did you know that Primoz Roglic used to be a ski jumper? Well, I’m not sure anyone has ever mentioned that one before but at the Giro d’Italia, he’s doing his very best to become known not for being an ex-ski jumper, but for being one of the strongest bike riders in the world and […]

Vaea Verbeeck: Still Growing – Make Your Mark | SHIMANO

If you set your mind to wanting to learn something new, to just do it and make a plan for it, it’s totally do-able. I started riding and I grew up riding with my guy friends, and they were never, like, “Oh, you’re a girl,” like, “you can’t come along.” By gathering women together, we’re […]

New Shimano Ultegra Groupset | GCN’s First Ride

– New Shimano Ultegra looks great, has all the functionality of Dura-Ace on paper but how does it ride? (upbeat music) As I said in the first look video to me, one of the most significant changes to this new Ultegra groupset was in the ergonomics particularly of the hydralic levers. You can, of course, […]

Mechanical Vs Electronic Groupsets | Which Is Lighter?

(intense intro music) – Which is heavier, a mechanical or electronic group set? – Yep, if you are in the market for a new group set, which are you gonna choose, electronic or mechanical? If you are looking then weight is probably gonna be a consideration. And so in this video, we are gonna weigh […]

Egan Bernal’s Pinarello Dogma F12 X-Light | Tour de France 2019 Pro Bike

– This is a climber’s bike in every sense of the term. It is the brand new Pinarello Dogma F12 X-Light of Team Ineos’s Colombian climbing sensation, Egan Bernal. (heavy metal music) I know a lot of you will have already watched Ollie’s first look at the new Dogma F12 back in April, so I’m […]

Just How Much Better Is Electronic Shifting? | GCN Tech Clinic

– Welcome to the Tech Clinic. Unfortunately, Jon couldn’t make it today, because, – I’ve been snowed in. Can’t even get out of my gate. Although people are walking through my field to go sledding, but don’t worry, normal service will resume shortly. – However, fear not. I have braved the treacherous arctic conditions, and […]

Chris Opie’s Presenter Bike | Pinarello Dogma K10

(relaxed music) – This is my Pinarello Dogma K10 Disk, and it’s quite unique for a road bike, but I’m going to tell you exactly why in just a second. I’ve had it for around six weeks now, I’ve made a few changes and I’m going to to tell you all about those as well. […]

How Can You Fit Di2 Shifters To Your TT Bars? | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

(dramatic music) – Welcome to the GCN tech clinic where you submit your tech related questions using the #askgcntech down in the comments section below, and then we pick a selection of them to answer, to hopefully help you with your tech related cycling issues. – So I’m now joined by Edwin Van Vugt who […]