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My First Time Riding The North Shore

– Dude, I can’t believe this is your first time on the Shore. I’ve got you a sick rental bike, and I got you everything you’re gonna need. Dude, what are you wearing? – What do you mean, what am I wearing, these are my clothes. – Take some pads. And some gloves, and here’s […]

The Achromatic Rider – Combattere l’acromatopsia con la Mountain-bike

Hi everyone! My name is Luca Breda, I am 20 years old and I live in Treviso. My greatest passion is mountain-biking. During these last years, over time, I have discovered the discipline I used to like most… …which is enduro mountain-biking so a kind of downhill mountain-biking… …mixed with some climbs. However, you have […]

Tuto portage VTT – Alexis Righetti explique comment porter son VTT

hey Dimitri… we are the only MTB riders in the world… who are better at carrying bikes… than piloting them! TUTO: HOW TO CARRY YOUR MTB to go up with your bike… there’s this way but often it’s not enough when the field gets too rough, even with an e-bike it’s impossible to pedal usually […]

The GMBN Podcast Episode 18 | 2019 World Champions Are Crowned

– Well, it was the World Mountain Bike Championships in Mont Saint-Anne, Quebec on the weekend, and I’m joined today by a man who is no stranger to World Championships, Oli Beckingsale. – How you doing? – Crikey, Oli, you must have some memories of the World Championships, I’m sure. When was your first one? […]

E Mountain Bike Tips From MTB Legend Nicolas Vouilloz

– So today we’re talking eBike skills with a very special guest, we’ve got Nicolas Vouilloz the 10 times world title champion. – Salud! – So over to Steve first with some climbing tips. (upbeat music) – Hey so we’ve got a bit of a bank coming up, what’s some kind of tips for something […]

Tandem Downhill – A Short Mountain Bike Film

My girlfriend at the time, now wife wanted to ride the Around The Lake Taupo cycle race which is a famous race here in New Zealand and she didn’t want to ride the whole way by herself, she wanted some help to pull her around. We were poor students at the time couldn’t afford anything […]


Whats up guys and welcome to a new video! I was injured with a torn ligament, had to work a lot, and couldn’t go biking at all. That’s why there weren’t any videos. In the meantime Insta360 send me their camera, the ONE X. And we’re gonna test it today. It’s quite frozen, gonna be […]

Downhill Bikes With Plus Sized Tyres? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

Welcome to Ask GMBN th… (lips smack) Welcome to Ask GMBN this week where we have got the whole crew. – Everyone’s in. – Oh yeah. – We’re splendid. And we’re multicoloured. We’ve got everything. All the information GMBN has got to offer for you in answering your questions. Doddy, how have we found those […]