Review: Tern GSD S00 Electric Bike

– [Karen] Hi, my name is Karen Wiener from The New Wheel electric bikes, and I’m joined today by Amanda. – [Amanda] Hi. – Thanks for sitting with me. We’re talking today about the GSD S00, S-double-O, S Infinity bike, which is the new and upgraded GSD. – The 2018 model of of the Tern […]

Sam Pilgrim’s Custom Haibike Xduro Pro Bike

– A bike spending some rare time with it’s wheels on the ground because it belongs to one of the world’s top freestyle mountain bikers Sam Pilgrim, here’s a quick look at his high bike xDuro 10.0 all-mountain. (upbeat music) Right let’s start off with the heart of the matter. Now Sam rides a size […]

How to Bleed Shimano Disc Brakes – Mountain Bike Maintenance

There are some occasions where you’re going to need to bleed your brakes. Maybe you’ve changed the hose and shortened it, sometimes your brakes start to feel spongy, or just a bit of annual maintenance. So this is how to bleed a Shimano brake. You will need brake fluid, mineral oil for Shimano brakes, other […]