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What Goes On At The Verbier E-Bike Festival?

– Over the past few years, we’ve certainly been to a lot of E-bike shows here on EMBN, but never a festival. So we’re here in Verbier. Got beautiful trails, beautiful mountains, beautiful food, so it makes complete sense to have a E-bike festival. So what’s it all about then? Well, today we’re going to […]


all the jumps are covered in snow. wtf even my spokes are covered in dirt and snow hey guys whats up. we did rode the Night of the jumps show yesterday but we are not going straight back home we are going back to Oberhausen because there is a spot underneath an Autobahn bridge. The […]

The Fabiolous Escape 2 Machine – Bike Check Fabio Wibmer

Hey guys it’s me Fabio as you can see I’m finally making a bike check of my Fabiolous Escape 2 bike My collarbone is getting better after almost 6 weeks I can finally ride again and it should not take too long to be 100% fit again A lot of you guys asked me for […]

Trial on Downhill Bike |SickSeries#49

hey guys, it´s us again – Sick Series we´re back after the fail with the speed trap from last week Cheers for so much comments and likes we had a look at the channel from apecrime, we didn´t know this video we watched the video and they made it to get caught so, it´s possible, […]