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Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Sport Bike Riding Basics

Hi, my name is Chad and I’m going to talk a little bit more about sport bikes. I’m going to cover riding basics. A motorcycle- any motorcycle, but especially a sport bike- is controlled by your body position on your bike. Because sport bikes are made to handle very quickly- turn left, turn right, make […]

How to Win a Bike Race: Using Gears

Gears are everywhere, in cars, elevators, even bikes. None of these objects would work as well as they do without the use of gears. But how can we understand what gears do? We’re going to take a close look at gear and try and understand a little more the physics and engineering that makes them […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Tips on Sport Bike Protective Pants

Hi, my name is Chad. We’re talking about sport bikes and related equipment, and we’ve been talking about gear. We’ve talked about jackets and helmets and gloves, and now we’re going to talk a little bit about some of the pants you can wear. When you go down, one of the things you will damage […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Sport Bike Gloves Tips

Hi, my name is Chad. We’re talking about sport bikes and the critical gear that goes with it. And the last segment we talked about helmets, so we’re going to cover some gloves. There are different kinds of gloves, but if you’ve ever had a wreck without gloves, you know that you do not want […]

LG WT7300CW Washer Review & Demo – Top Load w/ TurboWash™ (2019)

This is a review and demonstration of the LG 5 cubic feet high efficiency top load washing machine model WT7300C in white. In this review I’ll share with you the washing machine cycles, other features, some of the specifications, the smartthinq app, touch up on installation, do a load of laundry, or eight, and share […]

First shows of 2018 |DMJ Vlog #9

Hi everyone today is the first DMJ Show of 2018 We’re in town called Dobříš I brought my BIKE O’clock buddy Ondra with me I locked him in the trailer Finally… Get out and let’s ride What’s up?! Bikes are ready, my is little dirty Mobile obstacles are cool, cause you can get them out […]

2020 E Bike Tech Extravaganza | Eurobike 2019 Highlights

– So, E-Mountain bikes certainly have taken over Eurobike 2019. We’ve already looked at the motors, we’ve looked at the bikes, so this times let’s have a look at some of the other highlights from Eurobike 2019. (upbeat music) Now Ergon have got a new E-mountain core prime saddle. Loads of cool features on it […]

What Goes On At The Verbier E-Bike Festival?

– Over the past few years, we’ve certainly been to a lot of E-bike shows here on EMBN, but never a festival. So we’re here in Verbier. Got beautiful trails, beautiful mountains, beautiful food, so it makes complete sense to have a E-bike festival. So what’s it all about then? Well, today we’re going to […]


all the jumps are covered in snow. wtf even my spokes are covered in dirt and snow hey guys whats up. we did rode the Night of the jumps show yesterday but we are not going straight back home we are going back to Oberhausen because there is a spot underneath an Autobahn bridge. The […]

The Fabiolous Escape 2 Machine – Bike Check Fabio Wibmer

Hey guys it’s me Fabio as you can see I’m finally making a bike check of my Fabiolous Escape 2 bike My collarbone is getting better after almost 6 weeks I can finally ride again and it should not take too long to be 100% fit again A lot of you guys asked me for […]