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Track Day Circuit Academia Titi Aur & FunRide

Track Day ATA Calea Victoriei – Bucuresti. Palatul Cantacuzino Casa Memoriala Geroge Enescu Bd. Libertatii – Casa Poporului Academia Titi Aur – Dambovita S1000RR & Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Love-sadKiD – Playground (Lyrics) [CC]

I just wanna play wanna build myself a play ground You know what they say That it ain’t really safe round here Day to day I’ve been feeling like a play house here Hop upon a plane to the bay to LA said I just wanna play wanna build myself a play ground You know […]

London to Paris by bike (2008, part 1 of 2)

It’s 21:00 on Thursday evening. We’ll be pedalling away from Trafalgar Square in 15 hours. Time to plan a route. London to Paris in 4,000 easy steps. Now I just need a pen and paper. The fruits of my internet research? Some detailed plans from London to Newhaven and from Dieppe to Paris. I also […]

Indoor Cycling at Fortis Fitness & YOGALUX

Our Cycling classes here at Fortis & YOGALUX are top notch! 45 minutes of intense ride, built-in by amazing music and amazing instructors. You’re going to see great results taking our LUX Indoor Cycling classes; everything from high calorie burn, to an increased heart rate during the classes, and of course toning your legs. I […]

Uber offers free rides to polls on Election Day

Uber announced it will offer free rides to voters headed to the polls this November. The company said in a statement: “Decisions get made by those who show up.” Transportation to polling places is one of the variables often linked to low Bureau, nearly 500,000 people who didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election cited […]

A Day In The Life Of Blake’s Local Bike Shop

(soft music) – [Announcer] Welcome back, you beautiful people! Have you ever wondered what happens in your local bike shop on a daily basis? A hospital for your beloved bike. And an emergency call-in before a ride. A place where you can ask any question about biking and get an answer. I’m at my favorite […]

Snowcat Freeride w Macedonii [ENG SUB]

Welcome! In sunny Macedonia Where despite it’s middle of the march And in the valleys there is allready full spring. In the mountains Like here in Popova Sapka We have still beatifull winter In the moment We will go by the snowcat into the mountains To search for some good lines So how snowcat freeride […]

The Earth’s Spin Is Slowing Down! What Happens If It Stops?

No matter what happens, we can rest easy knowing that tomorrow is a new day! But that might not be something we’ll be able to say in billions of years. The Earth’s spin is slowing down. Eventually, days will get longer, and when they do, the lack of daily dawn could be the least of […]

What Was Your Hardest Day On The Bike? | GCN Asks The Pros

– Any cyclist will know that, beautiful as the sport is, sometimes cycling can be tough, and it is no different for the the professional riders. So I, at the Women’s Tour in Great Britain, thought I would ask the professional women riders what their hardest day on a bike was. (upbeat music) – Ooh… […]