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How to Replace the Shock Absorber on a Kenwood Washing Machine

Welcome to BuySpares. In this video we will show you how to replace the shock absorber on a Kenwood washing machine. Before fitting any electrical equipment you must ensure that the appliance is first disconnected from the mains. If the washing machine produces excessive noise and vibration, then check for an unbalanced load. It is […]

Servicing An Air Shaft In Real Time | Mountain Bike Suspension Fork Service

– Hello, and welcome to another realtime service video. This time we’re focusing on air springs. (whooshing sounds) In the past, we’ve done really in-depth videos on lower leg services. So if this is all a bit of a dark art to you, click here for Doddy’s video. It’s a really in-depth how-to and a […]

Enduro Vs Trail Suspension Fork | What’s The Difference?

– (grunts) Welcome back, you beautiful people. I am your trail angel or Traingel for short. Now there’s a little bit of an argument going on out there on the trail, and that is what is the difference between an enduro fork and a trail fork. Now, I’ve got trail Blake and enduro Blake, and […]