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Can You Ride Cyclocross On A Road Bike? Road Bike Vs Cyclocross Bike

We filmed a video recently where we compared the differences between road bikes and Cyclocross bikes. While we were writing the script, it occurred to us that with the new breed of so-called endurance road bikes, the differences between the two are now much, much smaller. So, we wondered, and some of you did too […]

5 Winter MTB Training Tips | Mountain Bike Training

Training in winter can be really hard work and pretty miserable But we’ve got 5 hacks to make it more fun, enjoyable, and even bearable during those long cold winter months I’ll take bearable My winter training tip is to add a bit more variety to your training I used to ride a road bike […]

Get Fit Fast: 5 Quick Road Bike Workouts

if you want to ride your bike faster next summer you would be well-advised to spend this winter doing the correct training sessions you would but we haven’t all got loads of time to Train so coming up we’ve got five short potent and beneficial sessions they should have have you dropping your mates next […]

How To Cut A Road Bike Steerer Tube

In order to adjust the height of your handlebars, you either move space from above or below your stem, depending on whether you either want to raise it up or move it down. And that is the reason why bikes are sold with loads of spaces and really long steerer tubes. So, that means that […]

20 Minute Intense Workout: Indoor Cycling Training – Passo Campolongo

Welcome to our 20 minute functional threshold session where we’re going to be working very, very hard. Working at or around your FTP. Session is broken down into five parts. First up, as usual, is the warm up, three minutes of spinning your legs, gradually building up the effort level. And we’re just starting in […]

Mountain Bike Excuses – 5 Reasons Not To Ride Your MTB In Winter

– [Man 1] Riding in winter can be just as much fun as in summer but some people aren’t made of the right stuff – [Man 2] So these are five of the worst excuses that we’ve ever heard. ♪ [music] ♪ – Frost, that is frostmil There is absolutely no way that I’m getting […]

Interval Training Explained – How To Get Fit On Your Mountain Bike

we talked about interval training here at GMB and quite a lot and how effective they can be for getting fit we’ve never actually discussed how you might do them why you might want to do them and giving you some beginner sessions so this is their introductory guide to training with intervals let’s go […]

How To Refurbish A Rear Derailleur | Road Bike Maintenance

We spend an awful lot of time on GCN’s Maintenance Monday videos trying to make our bikes look and perform like new. But, let’s face it, for a lot of us, we’re also going to be just trying to keep old parts working. Or maybe even reconditioning and renovation old parts so that they do […]