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Port Phillip Bike Parking Trial

Man speaking>>I’m Scott, I’m co-owner of Imbiss 25 in Blessington Street, St Kilda. We’ve recently had installed temporary bike parking, which we take out every morning and bring in every night. It’s only a two or three minute operation. We like having bike riders here. We think there should be more bike riding in St […]

Bike Park Update 5-7-14

Howdy folks, Jules here with a quick bike park update, it is May 7th, 2014 and I’m standing on rock crusher or what will soon be rock crusher once all the snow melts out. As you can see we’ve been pushing snow off the trail to speed up the process and if all goes as […]

The New Team Story: Cycling team Gazprom-RusVelo

In cycling sport the team is fundamental it’s like a second family Cycling is passion sacrifice, discipline to me Extreme descents, supreme speed Cycling to me is the meaning of life Cycling is important to me, it has taught me a lot and has given me a lot in life. That is another way of […]

Car vs bike: Ed Clancy takes on Skoda Rapid Spaceback

This is Ed Clancy. He’s a 2-time Olympic Gold medal-winning cyclist. Ed is sponsored by Skoda, and because the Czech car manufacturer also sponsors the Tour de France, they organised for Ed to show me part of the UK leg of the 2014 Tour. However to make things more interesting I decided to challenge him […]

RIT Club Sports: Cycling Team

>>(Music)>>[IAN GIELAR]: It’s sort of like in between mountain biking and road biking. So, it’s like road bikes off-road and it’s on a course about a mile in length and the races go between 30 and 60 minutes.>>[CHRIS HARTMANN]: Practices we do a mix of just endurance training and then we’ll do some speed training […]

Game of bike street trial 2014. Clément Moreno vs John Langlois.

Hi Clément Moreno Hi John Langlois To begin with, i’ll do a G-Turn So, I impose a little footJam whip A little tyre A little gap 3.6 A little transfer 180 Well, we’re gonna do… A good bunny up there I’m gonna do the same in plant then B*stard! “B” for me Bunny over 180 […]