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Brand New Cycling Helmet & Shoe Tech At The Tour Down Under

– I’m an absolute lover of cycling shoes and I’m always jealous when I see what the pros are using. So what better place to start for 2019, then to Tour Down Under, the opening World Tour race of the season? Let’s have a look at what they’re using this year, and while we’re at […]

How To Replace Clip In Pedal Cleats And Set Up New Cycling Shoes

– Cycling shoes and cleats. The chances are, if you ride a bike, at some point you’re going to need to replace one or the other. If it’s your cleats you’re replacing on a current pair of shoes, that’s really easy. You simply draw around the cleat on the shoe and attach the new cleat […]

Home-Made Custom Carbon Cycling Shoes With Adam Hansen

– And I thought, okay, I’ll make my own shoes, why not? – This is the moment where I’m just like how do you even begin to start with the shoe? (intro music) Right tech lovers, we’re lucky today because we’re joined by Adam Hansen of Lotto Soudal. And well, he’s a guy who I’ve […]

Pro Cyclist Special With Adam Hansen | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– We have got a very special edition of Ask GCN Anything this week because we are joined by Mr. Grand Tours himself, Adam Hansen of Lotto-Soudal. Embarking on his 19th grand tour in a row and he has completed them all, quite mind boggling. We’ll get straight into the questions that we’ve received from […]

The 100th GCN Tech Show Special!

(exciting orchestral music) – Hello and welcome to the first ever GCN Tech Show. – Hello and welcome to episode two of the GCN Tech Show. – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Welcome back. – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – Welcome to the GCN […]

Mistakes That All Cyclists Make On Bike Rides

– Whether you’re a newcomer or an expert, the chances are if you ride a bike, at some point you’ve made some mistakes, if not, all of them. – Yeah, so what mistakes have you made? (dramatic music) (happy electronic music) – I’m going to start with video with an absolute favorite of mine, actually, […]

Your DIY Custom Cycling Tech + Bike Bling | GCN Tech Show Ep.63

– Right this week on the GCN tech show, I’m gonna check out Cav’s new Custom Kicks, two very special edition bikes, plus a 20th anniversary Pantani bike, which is very cool indeed. Not to mention, bits of custom tech that you’ve been submitting for me to check out as well as all the usual […]

Clipless Vs. Flat Pedals | Which Is Faster For Your Next Triathlon?

– For anyone starting out in cycling or triathlon, one of the first things you’re advised to buy for your bike is a pair of clipless pedals like these, and some cycling shoes. – Yeah so that you’re more powerful, you’re more comfortable and more efficient when you’re using pedals that you’re clipped into, as […]