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The Next Step For Bike Helmet Safety?

(bang) – I’m glad that wasn’t my head. (intro sound) I’ve been lucky enough to be invited out here to the Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, to check out the collaboration between Volvo and POC. They will, for the first time ever, test exactly what happens in a collision, between a car and a bike. […]

How A KASK Bike Helmet Is Made

Here at the Global Cycling Network we’ve been fortunate enough to be issued Kask helmets over the last couple years and they’ve kindly invited us over to Italy to look through the process of making that helmet. We’re going to go through it, right from the start to the finish apparently I’m going to be […]

How To Fit & Adjust A Cycle Helmet

You might have thought that putting on a helmet was simple, and it is up to a point. But, it’s also very easy to get it wrong, so here are some simple steps to adjust it to makes sure that it fits safely and correctly. We’ll assume you’ve got the right size to start with, […]

7 (Almost) Free Ways To Take Your New Mountain Bike To The Next Level!

We’re in the shed, and I’ve got my brand new GT Sanction enduro bike. Now, you might have already seen this bike starring in “How to Build Your Bike from a Box”, but today we’re going to be talking about seven ways that you can take your new bike to the next level, and the […]

Cycle Helmet Safety Standards Explained

when you buy a cycling helmet you may like me just assume that it’s going to protect your head because you trust the brand that you’ve just bought in which case you may never actually pay attention to the little sticker on the inside of the helmet or on the box that tells you what […]

All You Need To Know About Bike Lights

– Let there be light! In this video, we’re gonna give a full rundown and a guide on all things bike lights. We’re gonna go through the different types available, the ideal use for them, as well as key features`to look out for. Now, armed with all of this information, you’re gonna be able to […]