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My Best Puncture Resistant Tires For Bike Commuting / Road Bike

hey guys what’s going on, Two Wheel Cruise here and today we’re going to be talking about tires so for those of you who are new to this channel my name is Cruise I like to make videos here about my life here in Japan and cycling and everything in between so I actually just […]

Global Cycle Rides – GCR San Francisco Road Bike Rental and Guided Cycling Tours

GCR provide road bike rentals for reduce the hassle Road bike hire if fitted to your needs Guided road rides by local leaders Cycling tours by leaders Bike rental pre-fitted to your measurements Bike hire from the best spots GCR San Francisco local expertise from ride leader provide a unique experience high quality equipment pre-fitted […]

Predator Cycling Razorback Bicycle Number Holder

Predator Cyclings’ carbon fiber race number mount, The Razorback, allows avid cyclists and triathletes to easily display their assigned race numbers from the rear of the bicycle frame. Unlike homemade zip tied mounts and quickly fabricated brackets, the Razorback provides the sleek carbon weaved look while remaining almost weightless weighing in at less than eight […]

What is an electric bike?

What is an electric bicycle? It is a tool to be learned and cared for, a gym membership, and 360 degree views. It’s doing more with less and living better for it. It’s familiar. It’s human scale. It’s good health for us, our cities, and our planet. It’s a sunroof, a moonroof, and a convertible. […]

Classic Saker Folding Bike

This Classic Saker folding bike is a versatile bicycle ideal for commuters or for leisure, along with those who have limited storage space. The folding feature is ideal when commuting via public transport due to its compact size – It is small enough to be carried with you into your workplace and could be locked […]

Pro Cycling Coaches Demonstrates a Bike Fit Using BikeFit Protocol

just behind the ball of her foot. so here’s me Goganian. We’re here today with Pro Cycling Coaches to show you the step-by-step process of a professional bike fit. By using the techniques developed by creator and owner of BikeFit, Paul Swift, we’ll explain how having a proper bike fit can help enhance your riding […]

Cycling adventures: road racing bike

Hi, I’m Daniel Oakman, senior curator at the National Museum of Australia and welcome to my cycling adventures. Today I’ll be riding this carbon fibre road bike in a race with the Canberra Veterans Cycling Club. That’s me in the red and white jersey. The kind of racing I’m riding in here is called the […]

GCR Road Bike Rental Moscow and Guided Cycling Tours

My last trip to Moscow I tried something different, I booked a ride with GCR and a few weeks later I was in bucket list heaven I was cycling on my bucket list heaven I was getting tips from a semi-professional cyclist and it really made my trip worth while it was really great fun […]