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Orbita Bikes TV ad.

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Cycling adventures: dragster bike

Hi, I’m Daniel Oakman, senior curator at the National Museum of Australia and welcome to another of my cycling adventures. I’m heading to Melbourne where I’ll be riding a bike similar to this 1970s dragster as I re-enact my very first bike ride. I’ve come to Melbourne to visit the place where I first learnt […]

How To Set Up Clipless Pedals – MTB Pro Tips

We’re going to look at how to set up clipless pedals and shoes. First, set the cleat placement in the shoe. The cleat is this little metal interface that actually clips into the spring retention system on the pedal. Placement on the bottom of the shoe is really important for pedaling efficiency but also affects […]

Freego Ebike | Electric Ebikes | Electric Folding Bike

Hi, I’m Art Speck, proud owner of a Freego Folder, An electric bike which folds to store in any small car. I can take the Metro train the 25 miles to the airport, Take the bike out and start pedalling home,or drive To anywhere in the Country and enjoy the area by bike. There’s so […]

Road To E-Bike Conversion | She Loves It And It’s Not Cheating!

Okay. “I’m cheating”. No she’s not cheating this is uh it’s the video about Susan’s new ebike or at least it’s a modified bike that was turned into an e bike on the front wheel there she has a 250 watt hub motor and on the back rack the rack is new that we’ve added […]

Friday Morning Throw Down | Road Bike Racing At 2:00 am | Cycling VLOG

Hello and good morning today is Sunday August 27th and I’m in southern Connecticut and Susan and I are out for a morning ride we we have been really lucky here in southern Connecticut this week this last past week the weather has been phenomenal we very much like autumn weather low humidity overnight temps […]