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How To Set Up And Establish A Breakaway

Setting up a successful breakaway requires a mixture of luck and judgement. You need to judge when you’re with the right combination of riders, and you need that little bit of luck that the bunch won’t bring you back immediately. So how do you set a breakaway up? The first thing to remember is to […]

How To Climb On A Triathlon Bike Like A Pro

(computer noises`) This super aero triathlon bike is built for speed on the flat. But at some point, you will have to climb on it during a race. Now, the geometry is very different on a bike like this compared to a road bike, with position further forward with our weight over the front end. […]

How To Prepare For A Climb

Whatever your physical capabilities, or level of fitness, it’s essential that you prepare yourself adequately before a climb, especially the steep climbs and climbs that last over 10 minutes. First and foremost, you must ensure prior to the ride that the gear ratio you have will suit the terrain. Fortunately, most modern gear setups have […]

Top 10 Common Cycling Mistakes

Top 10 Basic Cycling Mistakes. Going out without spares or money Your bike is ready, you feel fit, it’s a beautiful day, and you’ve headed out over a lovely route that takes you to places you’ve never been. As you reach the furthest point, on the verge of heading back home, disaster strikes. You suffer […]

How To Set Up Clipless Pedals – MTB Pro Tips

We’re going to look at how to set up clipless pedals and shoes. First, set the cleat placement in the shoe. The cleat is this little metal interface that actually clips into the spring retention system on the pedal. Placement on the bottom of the shoe is really important for pedaling efficiency but also affects […]

How To Bunny Hop Like A Pro

The bunny-hop is an amazing technique no matter what bike you ride. It’s fun, it looks cool and it can keep you safe whilst out on the road. It’s possible to clear big obstacles with this move but we’re going to start with just getting airborne. You can make life easier for bunny hops right […]

How To Fuel Like A Pro – On-Bike Cycling Nutrition

The fact that you need to fuel your body on the bike is obvious, but what isn’t is exactly what with, how often and how much. Before we even get started on the fuelling side of things, there’s a couple of things I always take out with me in my pockets. The first of those […]

How To Fit Any Difficult-To-Fit Bike Tyre

– Some tyres are really difficult to fit. That’s right, if you are struggling, it may not be your fault. Some tyres are renowned as being a tight fit, they literally have the circumference of the bead that is slightly smaller than another. And indeed, rims themselves can also vary ever so slightly, even the […]

How To Improve Your Bike Handling – 5 Key Cycling Skills

Practicing your bike handling skills isn’t just something that 10 year old boys do to show off… Hee hee hee hee! …it can actually make real improvements to your day to day riding, both speed and safety. Here are five things you can practice that will make you a better rider. Going no-handed is a […]

How To Pedal | Cycling Technique

Peddling is easy isn’t it you learn to ride a bike and it becomes very instinctive very quickly But what is it that pros do it takes pedaling to an art form [how] do they look so bloomin smooth? Well, here are few tips [you] will get you pedaling like a pro First up. We’re […]