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When Cyclists Do Press Ups… | The GCN Show Ep. 318

– From the South African national champs, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, pro cyclists do pushups and according to the experts, they’re not doing them properly. – Up, up, up, squeeze. – They’re not, but they are doing them better than […]

Are Helmets Just A Distraction From The Bigger Issue? | The GCN Show 308

– From Mount Glorious in South East Queensland, Australia, welcome to the GCN Show. – Hello, and welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by our friends at Wiggle. – Now coming up, are bike helmets actually just a distraction from the bigger issue? We talk to one of the scientists behind the most […]

Unboxing The Scott Cadence Plus & Centric Plus Helmets

– Woohoo, more juicy unboxing! More lovely bike tech to look at, and more opportunities to win it. Five more opportunities, in fact, this week. Now, we’re gonna be looking at helmets. We’ve got the Scott Cadence Plus Aero road helmet and we’ve also got the Scott Centric Plus, super-ventilated light-weight road helmet. Although, actually, […]

The Next Step For Bike Helmet Safety?

(bang) – I’m glad that wasn’t my head. (intro sound) I’ve been lucky enough to be invited out here to the Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, to check out the collaboration between Volvo and POC. They will, for the first time ever, test exactly what happens in a collision, between a car and a bike. […]

How To Fit & Adjust A Cycle Helmet

You might have thought that putting on a helmet was simple, and it is up to a point. But, it’s also very easy to get it wrong, so here are some simple steps to adjust it to makes sure that it fits safely and correctly. We’ll assume you’ve got the right size to start with, […]

How To Clean Your Bike Helmet

Looking after your cycling helmet might seem like common sense, and to a certain extent, it is, but there are one or two things you’ll need to avoid in order to keep it in good condition. And let’s face it, no one wants a dirty helmet. They can get smelly, infested with bacteria, maybe even […]

Cool New Mountain Bike Protection And Accessories At Eurobike

(metal clangs) – We are at Eurobike 2018 in Friedrichshafen in Germany. This is the biggest trade bicycle show in the world, and we’re here to checkout some of the coolest 2019 tech. Come with me if you want to see it. (mellow music) So for a long time, EVOC have had back protectors built […]

Cycle Helmet Safety Standards Explained

when you buy a cycling helmet you may like me just assume that it’s going to protect your head because you trust the brand that you’ve just bought in which case you may never actually pay attention to the little sticker on the inside of the helmet or on the box that tells you what […]

Should You Really Always Wear A Bike Helmet? | The GCN Show Ep. 291

– From the Ride Across Indiana. – [All] Welcome to the GCN Show. – Hello and welcome to the GCN Show brought to you as ever by our friends over at Wiggle. – This week we’re asking if it’s always necessary to wear a bike helmet, ’cause there’s been some interesting research published recently which […]

How To Correctly Fit A Mountain Bike Helmet

– A helmet is an essential piece of equipment when it comes to riding your bike of course, but it’s also super important that it’s fitted to your head correctly, so let’s take a look at the specifics of how to do it. (rock music) The first thing to do is to make sure you’re […]