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Finding Myself On Google Street View! // Ep.12 Unicycling Across America

Last time, my cycle touring mate Jiawei and I took some time off our bikes in Winslow, Arizona. We stayed with a lady called Sondra in her converted church, and Unexpectedly found ourselves flying over a meteorite crater in a Piper Cherokee. Onwards, we carried on following the route 66, and soon got ourselves a […]

Hill Climb Challenge | GTN Vs The Pros

– [Mark] For decades triathletes and cyclists have been flocking to the island of Lanzarote for its mild weather, its smooth roads, and its climbs. Arguably the most famous of them all is this one: Tabayesco. It’s just shy of 10 kilometers with an average gradient of 5% and an elevation gain of 607 meters. […]

New Protected Bike Lane Concrete Barriers installed on 2nd Street SW

we’re at the second Street southwest near Audi field and we are installing about 70 concrete dividers for the cycle track here this is part of the trail network it really connects perfectly into the Anacostia River Trail system the equipment we’re putting in today it got delivered on a flatbed truck to about 56,000 […]

How To Get Aero & Comfortable | Triathlon Bike Comfort & Aerodynamics

(upbeat music) – For many people the words comfortable and aero are two words that simply do not go together in the same sentence. Understandably going from a fairly upright position on a road bike and then moving to an aero dynamic triathlon or TT bike, can feel like quite a shock. Something I spend […]

Lifespan Fitness EXER-90H Exercise Bike

The Lifespan Fitness Exer-90H is an air resistance, dual action exercise bike. Our new air resistance system allows for a dynamic workout experience with resistance increasing as you input more power into the system – helping you to push your body to its limits. Unlike most exercise bikes, the EXER-90H allows you to power through […]

Route 66 Isn’t What It Used To Be // Ep.9 Unicycling Across America

Before this video starts, I just want to quickly tell you that Ed Unicycles the USA. is now half price on Vimeo! So if you’re looking for something to watch over the Christmas period, I’ll be honored if you watch that. It’s currently ten pounds, You’ll find the link in the description. Alright on with […]

Vintage Road Bike Restoration Vitus 979 Sean Kelly Special

Well, Welcome to another bike and another restoration although this is not much of a bike at the moment no group set However it is a beautiful frame the is a Vitus 979 Who are Vitus? Well let me tell you! Vitus is a Cycle Company based in France they started in the 1970’s as […]

Fixed-Gear Bike Racing in the Streets of Moscow

I think Fixie appeals to many by its aesthetics. It is a very simple, beautiful bicycle. It is a single-speed bike with no brakes and a fixed gear. You use twice as much energy when braking than when accelerating. It is kind of youthful frenzy, maybe extreme, to ride a bike without brakes. You go […]