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Pro Cycling Coaches Demonstrates a Bike Fit Using BikeFit Protocol

just behind the ball of her foot. so here’s me Goganian. We’re here today with Pro Cycling Coaches to show you the step-by-step process of a professional bike fit. By using the techniques developed by creator and owner of BikeFit, Paul Swift, we’ll explain how having a proper bike fit can help enhance your riding […]

How to secure your bicycle

radio chatter radio chatter Hello I’m Special Constable Graham Wagler with the University of Guelph Campus Police I’m here to talk to you to you today about bike thefts on campus within the last year we’ve investigated 47 incidents of bike theft on campus, I’d like to talk to you about how we recommend that […]

Olympic Cyclist Vs. Toaster: Can He Power It?

Okey, you feel ready? Everything’s okey with the handlebar seatpost, shoes, suit? Everyone on positions, we’re getting ready for take remember that when Robert loses power the toaster will pop up. You can feel like taste of blood in your mouth. Wan’t to lie down? My legs hurts hard. The monster is beaten. Nobody can […]

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Road Bike Unboxing Assembly and Ride

(electronic music) Hello and welcome Some of you have actually asked me what bike I ride If you do watch the videos, watch the routes and the rides that i do you’ll notice, I ride the Ribble Gran Fondo its been an absolutely amazing bike this But with all bikes its time to upgrade Ive […]

CAN BIKE Bike Helmets 101 HD

skull dome melon nut no matter what you call your head I think we can all agree it’s worth protecting right yeah Ken bike Manitoba presents bike helmets 101 a basic user’s guide to brain safety when you’re doing something cool like riding a bike now find that hazards are everywhere from car doors to […]