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My wheel truing workflow – get your wheels perfect every single time!

Hi I’m Alexandros Siasos and you may have seen me truing the wheels of my bikes in my Instagram bike maintenance stories and today I’m going to share with you my standard wheel truing workflow. Note that the procedure that we are about to discuss can be applied by anyone as no special tool is […]

Snow Hill Climb Rider Profile – Josh Mueller | Harley-Davidson

I was four years old I started out with flat track racing. From there on up I went to motocross did the motocross series, we rode quite a bit. Got into the hill climbing from my father just watching him ride his Harley just seemed crazy. He’s just a great kid, good rider, love working […]

Bikes, Blues, BBQ 2019 / Dickson Street

welcome to bikes blues and barbeque Dixon Street Dixon Street pub crawls and a strip where everybody rides definitely one of the top places you have to come visit during bikes, blues, barbecue This is the middle of the afternoon, it gets real wild at night The thing I love about coming down to Dickson […]

DIY Electric Mountain Bike

Hi, I’m Willy and This is my e-bike Build Log. The trick here is that I’m using wood panels to make the bike frame wide enough for the battery You can do this for yourself much easier if you use a bike frame with a big triangle that easily fits the batteries and your parts. […]

Foes LTS 1994 | GMBN Tech Retro Pro Bike | GMBN Retro Week

– Seeing as it’s retro week over on GMBN, I thought on GMBN Tech we’d do a bike check on a retro mountain bike, in this case a Foes LTS, dating back to 1994. Let’s check this bad boy out. (upbeat rock music) (upbeat pop music) As with all bike checks, we’ll start at the […]

Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show 2018

– I’m here at the Bespoked Show, which is the custom bike show here in the UK. So let’s go and take a look at what amazing goodies I can find, come on. (happy music) Now, some of you will remember this bike. It will look familiar to you because I checked it out on […]

Jon’s Retro Pro Road Bike | Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra

(upbeat whooshing music) – This is my Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra, that I’ve lovingly restored and paid for with my own money. Now why am I showing you this one then? Well recently we showed you that excellent video, well at least I think it was, of the Corsa Corsa shop in Japan. And the […]

Custom Paint – A Masterclass In Bespoke Bicycle Paintwork

(energetic electronic music) – Custom paint jobs are seriously cool. Everyone loves a really bling, sparkly paint job, but is custom paint just for pros like Peter Sagan or Mark Cavendish? Well, no, of course it isn’t, so to find out how you can get a bike custom painted and what it involves, I’ve come […]

The Coolest Custom Fixed Gear Bikes From The Rad Race

– So we’ve made it to the rad race, a race I’m gonna be competing in, but we thought it’d be a really good idea to come and take a look at some of the bikes. There’s gonna be some high risers, some flat bars, some short cranks, and some crazy paint jobs. So I […]