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E Bike Tuning: Giant SyncDrive 2018 EVO und CHARGE Display Unterschied

Dear e-bike tuners, here I will briefly introduce the difference between a CHARGE and an EVO display, connected to a Giant 2018 Sync Drive Sport Motor. The RedPed tuning chip is built in, so that the display counts and saves almost everything, comparable to the Intuvia display from the Bosch. This is the total distance, […]

A-Line Air Time Jump Challenge | Blake Samson Vs Greg Callaghan Vs Zak Johansen

– Welcome back you beautiful people. I’m surrounded by two rad dudes. We’ve got Zak Johansen and we’ve got Greg Callaghan, part of the CUBE ActionTeam. And we’ve got a special game of A-line, air challenge, you ready? – Hell yeah. – Let’s go. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) – Ooh my God! – Yeah! (upbeat […]


Hi I will present the LYNX from the All Terrain category to you today. We developed the Lynx for the use on and beside the bike. With its Uni-sex design and sizes from 36 to 48 the shoe is designed for women and men and comes in grey’n’cherry tomato and black The special highlight of […]

Mountain Bike TheTop 20 Brands – Part 1 | MTBT

Greetings to all and well found. It was a long time since I had planned to do this video, because it often happens to me to see wonderful mountain bikes and not to have no idea where they come from. We know that most of them are made in Asia, where the production cost is […]


Hi ich werde euch heute den LYNX aus der All Terrain Kategorie vorstellen. Den Lynx haben wir für den Einsatz auf und neben dem Bike entwickelt Mit seinem Uni-sex Design und der Größen von 36 bis 48 ist der Schuh für Frauen und Männer gestaltet worden und kommt in den Farbvarianten grey’n’cherry tomato und schwarz. […]