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The New ROSE THRILL HILL Mountainbike

Hi, I`m Marta and I`m working for ROSE Bikes. Today I introduce you to our new Race Fully, Thrill Hill. This here is the matt black Thrill Hill in size L. The full-suspension race bike is perfect for cross-country racing, as the frame weighs in at only 1800 grams. The complete bike weighs a mere […]

8 Reasons To Ride Cross Country On Your Mountain Bike

– This is our top reasons to ride more cross-country. (dramatic, uplifiting electronic music) Number one, you get to ride more. With disciplines lik enduro and downhill, there’s an awful lot of waitin’ around and stoppin’ and startin’. On a cross-country bike, you jump on it and off you go. It definitely can’t be beaten […]