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10 Minute Trails – Goat Head to Connor Bluff (Curtis Island)

Righto, we’re on the return journey from Joey Lees. Look at this bloody scenery, isn’t it beautiful. We’re all buggered, it’s uh … That’s Ollie, the president of the Gladstone club up in front of me. Two blokes in front of him. *Correction – Three* Um … Yeah, we’re all buggered. It’s about 35 degrees […]

I Only Have One Bike | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

– Do you only have one bike? Are you jealous of all those lucky people out there who seem to have it all? Well, this is a problem, and I’m here to make sure you can put that one perfect steed to good use. Capitalizing on every opportunity to ride it, and a few tips […]

Which Pro Cyclist Trains The Hardest? | GCN Show Ep. 366

– From Leuven, in Belgium. Welcome to the GCN show. – Hello and welcome to the GCN show. – Coming up this week, which pro-cyclist trains the hardest, and how does that compare with other sports people? – Plus the results are in. You’ve decided on the hottest kits for 2020, and we have a […]

The Best Mountain Bike Riders Of The Decade | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 32

(stamp thudding) – So we thought we’d sit down with a beer, some light refreshment, and talk this through. I’m going to go straight into it. Of the last decade in mountain biking, who was the biggest game changer? – Oh, that’s a difficult question to start off with. – I even prepared for this […]

Hamsterley Forest: Red Grade Descents – Mountain Biking in Durham

Check it out. We’re back at Hamsterley. It’s a sequel that nobody asked for, but you’re getting anyway. Well, this looks a little familiar. If you follow this channel, you might have noticed that this isn’t my first trip to Hamsterley forest. There’s a link up at the top of the screen now to my […]

Finding Myself On Google Street View! // Ep.12 Unicycling Across America

Last time, my cycle touring mate Jiawei and I took some time off our bikes in Winslow, Arizona. We stayed with a lady called Sondra in her converted church, and Unexpectedly found ourselves flying over a meteorite crater in a Piper Cherokee. Onwards, we carried on following the route 66, and soon got ourselves a […]

Caschi MTB XC Cross Country Marathon i 10 migliori del 2020 | MTBT

helmets for XC and marathon must have the right balance between weight, protection and ventilation In cross country many details are focused on reducing weight and increasing speed the bicycle as well as its components tend to be quite light at least on top level bikes Clothing is very similar to road cycling, so clothes […]

Digital Route Planning 101 | How To Make The Most Of Komoot

– I think the best part about riding your bike, is going to new places. Conversely, I think one of the worst parts about riding bikes is getting somewhere new. Knowing there was amazing riding. But where? Many moons ago, when I first started riding my cousin and I, knew there were real trails in […]