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Top 10 Most Common Cycling Injuries

Concussion Crashes are a part of cycling, and unfortunately so are head injuries.  Concussions are a form of brain injury resulting from a direct blow.  Wearing a helmet significantly reduces the chances of injury, but cannot completely prevent concussion. Achilles tendinitis If you’ve got pain in the Achilles through cycling the it’s likely to be […]


Hi everyone, I hope you are well! Today we’re meeting for a new video and today we’re in Colmar and we’re going to do a little tour of the city by on-board camera We will try to find some nice line, the sun is rising … It’s starting to be very nice! Let’s go ! […]

Worst Day On A Bike? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

– I’m at the Giro d’Italia, and I’m asking the pros what is the worst day they have ever had on a bike. (upbeat funk music) So first question, what is the worst day on a bike? – I’m having trouble right now pinning it down exactly, but I know most of my worst days […]

Street bike Freestyle Competition CRASHES AND STUNTS

but being here XDL l Indianapolis round four we’re over halfway through the season the points race is tightened up a lot and I honestly think this is probably the best stunt riding in competition ever hear it read for the bottom a cycle like stop by the gang to what I Hank off the […]

Jumps, Drop Offs and Compressions | GMBN’s Crash Course Ep. 4

(explosions) (glass shattering) – This is episode three of Crash Course, where we look at your crashes. Not for entertainment purposes, but to try and help you guys out. I’m going to take a real detailed look at them, look at them in slow motion, see if there’s any reason why you fell off, and […]

GCN’s Essential French Cycling Phrases Vol. 1 | Tour de France 2018

(Accordian music) – It’s Tour de France time, and whether you call it Tour de France or Tour de France, there is no escaping this iconic race and the magical pull it has for cycling fans and even, frankly, non cycling fans. One thing that is also inescapable is the influence of Tour de France […]

How To Improve Your Confidence After A Crash | GCN’s Cycling Tips

– Confidence building is big industry. There’s like a gazillion self-help books on the subject, many of which probably don’t quite live up to their promise. – Fortunately, while there is no doubt a psychological aspect to cycling, it is a little bit simpler to build your confidence out on the bike. So, if you’re […]