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How To Change A Spoke On Your Mountain Bike | MTB Maintenance

– Replacing a spoke can be one of those really annoying but it’s such an easy task. In my case, I actually rode through a bush, a stick got caught in the wheel and snapped the spoke. It could come down to fatigue that you need to replace that spoke, and in this video we’re […]

Marco Fontana’s Bianchi Methanol XC Bike | GMBN Pro Bikes

– In today’s Pro Bike Check, we’re gonna take a look at Marco Fontana’s Bianchi Methanol cross-country race bike. (Slow rhythmic music) So Marco, the veteran Italian cross-country racer, now rides the Italian brand Bianchi, on the Countervail team. And this is his race bike. It’s a small frame. Marco’s one of the shorter riders […]

Is Electronic Shifting The Future Of MTB? Neil Checks Out Shimano Di2

Innovation has been constant in the relatively short history of mountain biking. In the last few years, we’ve seen the emergence of electronic gears. But let’s take a look at the Shimano Di2 to see what it’s all about. (fast-paced electronic music) So what are the main differences between your average mechanical gears and these […]

Unsung Heroes Of Mountain Biking | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 187

– The rat’s been let out the cage. – E-bikes are actually allowed to race in e-bike races now. – And we’re gonna talk about all those unsung heroes. – Yeah, and we check out some radical new wheels. It’s the Dirt Shed Show! – It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (intense music) (gears turning) Welcome […]

How To Plan A Mountain Bike Adventure With Hans Rey

– Okay, so today is a really special day here at GMBN. We’re joined by guest, Hans Rey. – Yeah, come follow me. I’ll give you some pointers to plan your own adventure. – Let’s go for a ride. – Yoohoo! (soft instrumental music) – Okay Hans, so you are known for doing some absolutely […]

The GMBN Power Hour! How Much Fun Can You Have On An MTB In An Hour?

– We’re at Windhill B1kepark and this is a GMBN Power Hour featuring this man Blake Samson. (Blake chuckling) You’ve got one hour to show us what you got. We’ve got the proline with big drop-offs, massive jumps. – Loads of jumps over here. – Loads of trials, berms, – And all that. – Alright […]

Blake Samson’s Scott Voltage YZ0.1 | GMBN Pro Bikes

– Hi my name is Blake Samson, And we’re out here in my local dirt jump spot, and this is my pro bike check. (wind chimes) (techno music) This is the Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 and its the colour is sick. It’s black, but if you look real close, it’s got little speckles of silver […]

How A Mountain Bike Tyre Is Made | GMBN Visits The Continental Factory

(van starts) – So today is a really exciting day. I’m here in Korbach, in Germany, at the Continental Headquarters, to take a look at how a tyre is made. (light airy music) So today we’re going to take a look at building a tyre from start to finish. It’s something that I’ve got no […]