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Reattach and tighten a bicycle crank arm (short video)

Hi guys, in this video I’m going to show you how to re-attach a bicycle crank arm. This is the first time I had to do it in something like eight months. My friends buy very cheap second hand bikes and sometimes they’re a little bit broken. So they come to me to fix them. […]

How To Fit & Remove Bike Pedals With Ease

– In this video, I’m going to quickly and clearly show you how to fit and remove bike pedals. Now before I do, if you appreciate our content and you’d like to support the channel, please click Subscribe and the bell notification icon. (upbeat music) To fit and remove bike pedals, you will need one […]

Should You Ride A Shorter Crank? | Choosing Your Bike Crank Length

– Crank length is an aspect of our bike that we very often overlook. In fact, it’s entirely possible that many of you watching this might not even be aware of the crank lengths on your bike. And understandably so, because we’re quite happy to ride whatever comes fitted to the bike in the first […]

How Do Bike Gears Work? | Bicycle Gears Explained

– Bicycles have gears to help you ride more efficiently when going uphill, downhill, and on the flat across all varied terrain. Without easy gears, you’d grind to a halt when trying to go up steep hills and without bigger gears, well you wouldn’t be able to pedal fast enough when going downhill. But how […]

Remove A Bike’s Square Tapered Crank

Depending on the fitting of the square tapered crank bolt or nut, use either a socket or hex key to unscrew it. Make sure you remove any washer that’s under the head of the bolt. A crank-puller is a unit that screws into the threads on the inside of the square tapered crank holes. A […]

How to Use Bicycle Accessories : Guide to Buying Road Bike Cranks

JEFF COOK: Hello, and I am Jeff Cook from All Season Sports, here today to talk to you about some of the latest and greatest and some of the coolest stuff for bikes on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we’re going to be talking about road cranks. This can be a great upgrade to any […]

Crank Type Identification

Hello, Calvin Jones here with Park Tool Company. In this video we’re going to focus on crank type identification. We will then refer you to the applicable crank removal and installation video if it exists in our collection. We’ll start with self-extracting type cranks. The self-extracting cranks have a crank puller basically built into the […]