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Greg Minnaar – This Is Home | SHIMANO

[Jeff Minnaar]: Winners, they have luck, a lot of good luck, and the more you train and practice, the luckier you get. [Greg Minnaar]: It’s not often that any sportsperson gets to compete at home, like, super close to home. That week was so tough, and I’d won the year before, so that also added […]

Shape Your World – Make Your Mark | SHIMANO

You know, after all these years of trail-building… …I’ve learned not to fight what’s happening on the mountain. The terrain is almost telling you what trail belongs there. My name is Ted Tempany and I’ve been trail-building since the early ’90s. – I am Chantal Caron and I’m a trail-builder. – I’m Yuta Urishima. I’m […]

Vaea Verbeeck: Still Growing – Make Your Mark | SHIMANO

If you set your mind to wanting to learn something new, to just do it and make a plan for it, it’s totally do-able. I started riding and I grew up riding with my guy friends, and they were never, like, “Oh, you’re a girl,” like, “you can’t come along.” By gathering women together, we’re […]

Thomas Vanderham – This Is Home | SHIMANO

– I just struck gold here. This was my binder. It kinda served as my resume for a lot of years. I remember walking this thing all around the Interbike show, like visiting sponsors and stuff. This big clunky thing. You wanna hear the opening line? “Mountain biking is a sport which allows you “to […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike Vlog #9

Hi hello everyone in the new season… 2019/2020 – MTB Cross Country Poland – winter season… largely I was cycling at home on a bicycle trainer we will also see how my form … as it turns out… MTB sport competitions are currently taking place on this route I invite you to subscribe to my […]

WINTER HOMETRAILS & BATIK SHIRTS ❄️ | Downhill Randoms #25.

How is your motivation?… meh, not existent. Alex: From a time/earning perspective… it’s total bullshite. It’s 2.17am, we spent 7+ hours to make those shirts now. In pink. As many of you liked it! My fingers are totally fuc*ed up by now. The link to the shirts is in the description. Hope you like! I […]

Dübendorf CX course check with Lukas Flückiger | SHIMANO

We are here in Dübendorf, where the cyclocross world championships takes place. Right now everyone is on their training laps, checking out the course. So is Lukas Flückiger, the Swiss pro rider. Let’s follow him and let’s see what he thinks about the track. – Two months ago I had the feeling it’s super flat… […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #7

Hey! Hey! Welcome! Another bike ride… …another season with MTB Cross Country Poland Today, we traditionally go around Szczecin we are passing the Binowo village we are heading towards Żelisławiec paved road see for yourself… Lovely… a few words about this bicycle season I will try to record films for you on an ongoing basis […]